In-person ID verification requirements

Learn more about verifying your identity in branches and Cafes.

In-person ID verification requirements

Learn more about verifying your identity in branches and Cafes.

To make banking simpler and more secure for you, we're introducing two new methods to verify your identity when you visit a branch or Cafe to perform a transaction with one of our Ambassadors. The methods described below do not pertain to interactions at the teller window.

Using the Capital One Mobile app:

Did you know that you can generate a personalized QR code in the Capital One Mobile app to verify your identity when visiting one of our branches or Cafes? While other options are available, this is the recommended option due to ever-changing government issued IDs that can be forged by fraudsters. 


Follow these steps to access your QR code:

  • Sign in to the Capital One Mobile app.
  • Click on the Profile tab at the bottom.
  • Select Security.
  • Select In-Person ID verification.
  • Show the QR code to the Ambassador to scan.
  • Once scanned, select the transaction you'd like to perform. If you don’t see your transaction, select the Something Else option.
  • In some cases, you might need to confirm a one-time pin sent to your mobile device via text message. This additional step is to continue to keep your account secure.

Scanning a government-issued ID

If you don’t have the Capital One Mobile app or prefer not to use the method described above, you can use a government-issued ID that can be scanned to verify your information in our system.


If you don’t have a scannable government-issued ID, the following forms of identification are acceptable for manual review:

  • U.S. State-issued Driver's License or Learner's Permit (including Guam, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands)
  • State Issued Non-Driver ID
  • Passport (Book or Card)
  • U.S. Military ID (includes Common Access Card issued by the Department of Defense)
  • Resident Alien Card - Permanent or Temporary (also known as “Green Card” or “Permanent Resident Card”)
  • U.S. Employment Authorization Document (EAD card)/Work Permit with photo
  • U.S. B1 or B2 Visa with photo (includes Border Crossing Card from Mexico and U.S. B1/B2 Visas attached/unattached to foreign passports)
  • Matricula Consular (Mexico only) 
  • Texas Concealed Carry License (Texas only)
  • Global Entry


Note: ID policies might change in the future and may require an alternate form of identification. In addition, certain types of transactions may require different methods of authentication.

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