MONEY mobile features

Here's how to set up your MONEY account and use MONEY mobile features.

MONEY mobile features

Here's how to set up your MONEY account and use MONEY mobile features.

Setting up allowance for your teen

  • On your MONEY home screen, scroll past recent transactions, and tap start an allowance.
  • Choose how much money you want to send your teen for an allowance.
  • Decide how often and what day you want to send the allowance.
  • Slide the green bar to confirm the allowance.

Just for teens: managing spendable and set aside

  • On the MONEY home screen, swipe over the spendable and set aside bubbles in the direction that they want to move their money. For example, if they want to move money from spendable to set aside, swipe from left to right.
  • Choose how much money to move and tap move.
  • Parents or legal guardians, you won't be able to change your teen's spendable and set aside, but you can see how your teen moves their money.

Just for teens: setting up a goal

  • Scroll down on the home screen, and tap create a goal.
  • On the next screen, give the goal a name, and decide goal amount and deadline.
  • Select done when finished.
  • When your teen's set aside money reaches the amount they have set for their goal, they will have reached their goal.

Giving your teen a reward for reaching their goal

  • You’ll receive an alert on your MONEY home screen when your teen sets up a goal.
  • If you choose, tap the goal alert to send your child a reward for meeting their goal by their decided date.
  • Your reward will be added to the goal, and your teen will be notified. Once your teen reaches their goal, MONEY will remind you to send your reward.

Sending money to or removing money from your teen's account 

On your MONEY homepage, tap the blue send or remove button to either send your teen a one-time transfer or have them pay you back for something you may have picked up for them.

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