How Bankers Can Help

How Bankers Can Help

Your bank is more than just a place to deposit checks and withdraw money. Banks are in the business of taking care of customers (that’s you) and your money. The professionals who work for your bank can serve as free resources for financial information and advice. Bankers understand that everyone has different financial needs. They can work with you to develop a personal financial strategy that makes sense for you.

Bankers can help you:

  • Understand banking products. If you are unsure about how a certain type of account at your bank works, ask a banker. Bankers can explain the simpler things, like savings accounts and certificates of deposit, and the more complicated products, such as home loans and lines of credit.   
  • Choose the account or product that will work best for you. If you are trying to decide between two types of bank accounts, your banker can help by explaining the advantages of each and walking through them with you.
  • Fix problems or mistakes with your account. If you find a mistake on your bank statement, you should contact your banker immediately. He or she will be able to walk through the statement with you, review the error, and figure out how to fix it.   
  • Set up new accounts and services, such as online banking. Bankers can help you set up new accounts over the phone, or in person, and can assist you with using online banking services, too.   
  • Understand interest rates offered by their bank. No two banks offer the same interest rates on their products (at least not by design), so it pays to shop around if you’re looking for a loan. Bankers can help you understand what the bank is offering.   
  • Get a home loan. Usually home buyers use a mortgage broker to find them the “best” mortgage deal on a home loan, but it can pay to talk to your own banker, too. Sometimes banks will offer better rates and terms to existing customers.   
  • Get a car loan. Financing your car through a dealership is only one option. You also have the choice to get a loan from a bank. Bankers can help you understand what loans they offer and walk you through the loan application process.   
  • Find other qualified financial professionals. Bankers usually have relationships with other financial professionals such as investment advisers or tax accountants, and can make recommendations and referrals for you.
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