Changing Banking for Good

Environmental Sustainability

Here's how we're continuing our climate journey and changing banking for good.

Our commitment

We will do our part to help the world remain well below 2°C temperature rise to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. It's the right thing to do, and it's just smart business. Learn more about our commitments on our Goals & Reporting page.

Addressing climate change

As a large company, it is essential we take deliberate, thoughtful actions to reduce our emissions and address climate change. 

A holistic approach involving our operations, our supply chain and our people is a meaningful way to address this global challenge.

We're focused on:

Supply chain & operations

We can influence the environmental impact of our entire value chain.

Culture & community

From rooftop beehives to wildlife habitats, we’re fostering a more sustainable campus culture. 

Sustainable finance

Since 2015, Capital One has financed over $10B in renewable energy and sustainable building investments.

Sustainability goals & reporting

Key partnerships and commitments help us stay connected and make progress.

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