Virtual Card Numbers from Eno

An easy and more secure way to pay online

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Simple, one-time setup

You’ll be able to set up the extension in a few simple steps.

Payment info at your fingertips

You won’t need to find your wallet or type in your credit card information again

Quicker, easier checkout

Eno opens automatically when you're on a checkout page. Or, open Eno by clicking on the browser icon.

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Install Eno

Add Eno to your browser

1. Click “Get it Now” below and you’ll be redirected to the your browser’s extension store listing for Eno

2. Click the blue button in the store listing to add to your browser. The button may say “add to...” or “get”.

3. Accept permissions

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Shop with Eno

How does the browser extension work?

Virtual card numbers from Eno disguise your actual card number and help protect you from potential fraud when you shop online. When you’re on a payment screen, the Eno browser extension will pop up and generate virtual card numbers that you can use for quicker and more secure payments. 

You can also access Eno at any time by clicking on the Eno icon in the top right hand corner of your browser window.