Risk management and hedging strategies tailored to address your unique financial exposure.

Partner with our subject matter experts to manage your financial risks

We’ll help design and implement hedging strategies that work best for your financial profile and risk management needs—including marketing commentary and pricing discovery. Add predictability to your interest expenses and future cash flows with help from your dedicated Derivatives team.


Interest Rates

  • Swaps

  • Options (caps, floors, collars)

  • Cross-currency swaps

  • Swaptions

  • Option-enhanced swaps

  • Pre-issuance hedging solutions

  • Non-USD swaps and options

Foreign exchange

  • Spot
  • Forwards
  • Swaps
  • Options (vanilla and exotic)
  • Non-deliverable forwards (NDFs)
  • Execution platforms: FXAII, Bloomberg, 360t, Intellix FX (proprietary platform)
  • 38 currencies traded


  • Swaps
  • Options (collars/3-way)
  • Basis swaps
  • Extendables
  • Double ups
  • Acquisition-related hedging
  • Markets:
    • Crude Oil
    • Refined Products
    • Natural Gas Liquids
    • Natural gas
    • Electricity
    • Base metals


Head shot of Christopher Swanson

Christopher Swanson

Senior Managing Director

Head of Derivatives

Head shot of Lakshmi Sreekumar

Lakshmi Sreekumar

Managing Director

Commodity Derivatives

Head shot of Brandon Turcotte

Brandon Turcotte

Managing Director

FX Derivatives

Head shot of Cintia Caraccioli

Cintia Caraccioli

Managing Director

FX Derivatives

Head shot of Joel Essington

Joel Essington

Managing Director

Interest Rate Derivatives

Commercial Insights