Commercial Banking Solutions

Public Finance

At Capital One® Commercial Banking, we use our extensive knowledge of the public and municipal markets to support our Middle Market, Commercial Real Estate, Not for Profit, and Government Banking Client's Tax Exempt and structured Tax Credit financing needs. Our team of experts has extensive business development and product experience, and we have deal teams headquartered in both New York City and New Orleans to provide quick responses to opportunities in our Commercial banking footprint. We're always on call, with the knowledge and expertise to help our clients accomplish great things.

Our focus is on providing you with a valued financing solution, structuring and coordinating funding, including a range of tax-exempt capital alternatives and tax-advantaged financing structures for both taxable and tax-free (not-for-profit) issuers.

Some examples of traditional municipal financing and other programs include:

  • Direct Purchase Tax Exempt Bond program
  • Federal New Market Tax Credits (for Qualified Active Low-Income Community Businesses that meet the required criteria) investing as Tax Credit Investor, CDE, and Leveraged Lender
  • Alternative Energy Financing and Structured Finance

Capital One has the expertise to meet your needs and work on your behalf—whether it's ensuring you receive competitive interest rates and market pricing for bonds and other municipal issues, reducing your equity contribution required, or arranging longer-term financing with limited amortization.

We do it all, negotiating pricing, terms, and financing structure, helping limit exposure to capital market volatility, and, when needed, pursuing longer-term purchase commitments with longer maturities to reduce refinancing risk, better manage cash flow, and make it easier for you to streamline the resources required to manage your financing commitments.