Commercial Banking Solutions

Foreign Exchange

We understand that your business needs extend to other  countries—80%-95% of all U.S. businesses buy supplies from overseas and/or have sales overseas. In the current global economy, businesses increasingly face challenges in both import and export opportunities and seek a "one stop" banking partner that can service their needs.

Capital One® offers a comprehensive array of foreign exchange ("FX") products and services to support your international business activities. We guarantee conversion rates, which means clients with ongoing transactions that require dealing in local/foreign currency can lock in rates today for future payments and collections, enabling them to better manage exchange rate volatility and mitigate their company's exposure to changing foreign currency exchange rates.

Our services include:

  • Spot FX / International Outgoing and Incoming Wires
    • Obtain competitive conversion rates on euro, Canadian dollar, Great British pound, Swiss franc, Japanese yen and Australian dollar. Foreign funds are converted and credited to your USD account by next day. Furthermore, Capital One® has access to all tradable currencies on behalf of our clients.
  • Forwards
    • Provide protection against currency volatility.
    • Lock in a specific rate for any time in the future.
  • Non Deliverable Forwards (NDFs)
    • A popular instrument for corporations seeking to hedge exposure to foreign currencies that are not internationally traded, such that clients can hedge their exposures in Brazil, China, India, Russia, and other "restricted" currencies.
  • Options
    • Buy the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell currency at a specified exchange rate at a specified time in the future.

Normal credit qualifications apply. Not a deposit. Not FDIC insured. Not Insured by Any Federal Government Agency. Not bank guaranteed. May lose value.