Early paycheck

With 360 Checking & direct deposit you can get paid up to 2 days sooner.

What is early paycheck?

We're giving you the power to get paid early—up to 2 days sooner! Signing up for direct deposit so you can enjoy early paycheck with 360 Checking is easy. We even offer a pre-filled direct deposit form you can give to your payer.

Get paid sooner

With early paycheck, you can get paid up to 2 days sooner.

Feel secure

You won’t have to worry about mailed paychecks getting lost or stolen.

Stress less

Skip trips to the bank and get paid automatically with direct deposit.


Check out 360 Checking

No minimums, no fees, no worries.


Set up direct deposit

Sign in to view your account and routing numbers or download the form.


Your payroll system

You’ll need your account & routing numbers. Sign in, pick the checking account you want, and tap "i" next to your balance to view them.


We often receive a message up to two days prior to your direct deposit to let us know that the money is on the way. When this happens, we can reduce the extra processing time to get your money in your hands sooner.

You can enroll in direct deposit through your payer’s payroll system or by using our direct deposit enrollment form.

If your payer prefers to use their own system, you can easily find your account number and routing number by signing in to your 360 Checking account online or on the Capital One Mobile app.

To print a pre-filled direct deposit form: Sign in to our mobile app, choose the checking account you want to enroll with, select “View All” from “I Want To,” then select “Set Up Direct Deposit” in “Account Settings.” Tap “Get Form” to download, print and sign the form and give it to your payer.

For a blank direct deposit form: Sign in to your account, download the direct deposit form, print it, fill it out and give it to your payer.

Nope! Early paycheck is a free, automatic feature for Capital One checking accounts. You don’t have to pay a fee to get paid early.

It depends. You might get your direct deposit 2 days earlier, 1 day earlier or on your regularly scheduled payday. Here are some reasons why you might not receive your deposit early:

  • You recently set up direct deposit for the first time.
  • Your deposit type is not eligible, such as a bank-to-bank transfer.
  • There’s a payroll system issue from your payer.
  • You reached the transaction limit or monthly deposit dollar limit for early processing.

Early direct deposits also depend on timing—your payer must provide payment details on time so the deposit can process early. If your deposit doesn't arrive early, expect it to arrive on your scheduled payday.