Get paid early with direct deposit.

With 360 Checking and direct deposit you can get your money up to 2 days sooner.
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Now there's a better way to do payday.

When you set up direct deposit with your Capital One 360 Checking account, you can get paid up to 2 days early with early direct deposit. That can give you a couple of extra days to buy the things you need and pay bills earlier. It’s the safety and security of direct deposit—now with the power to put your money in your hands faster.

Got questions? We've got answers.

When you open a Capital One 360 Checking account and set up direct deposit, early direct deposit is an automatic feature.

It’s simple: Open a 360 Checking account, then complete our Direct Deposit Request Form and give it to your employer. If your employer prefers to use their own form, you can easily find your account number and routing number for the form by signing in to your 360 Checking account.

Once you set up direct deposit, it may be 2 or more pay cycles before you start seeing deposits to your 360 Checking account.

It depends. You might get your direct deposit 2 days earlier, 1 day earlier or on your regularly scheduled payday. Here are some reasons why you might not receive your deposit early:

  • You recently set up direct deposit for the first time. 
  • Your deposit type is not eligible, such as a bank-to-bank transfer.
  • There’s a payroll system issue from your payor.
  • You reached the transaction limit or monthly deposit dollar limit for early processing.

Early direct deposits also depend on timing—your payor must provide payment details on time so the deposit can process early. If your deposit doesn't arrive early, expect it to deposit on your scheduled payday.