Supporting the American Red Cross's Disaster Relief Efforts

Capital One is supporting the American Red Cross’s Annual Disaster Giving Program with $500,000 to support disaster relief

Capital One is partnering with the American Red Cross’s Annual Disaster Giving Program (ADGP) to help the communities we support be proactive in disaster preparedness and resilient in the wake of a crisis.

As an ADGP member, we help keep American Red Cross (ARC) warehouses stocked, volunteers trained and vehicles maintained so the organization can provide support, wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Since 2014, Capital One has supported the ADGP with annual donations of $500,000.

“Capital One’s support continues to make a very real and lifesaving difference,” says Gail McGovern, the President and CEO of the American Red Cross. “Whether it's helping a family find a place to lay their heads after a life changing home fire or feeding an entire community after a devastating hurricane, we can turn heartbreak into hope thanks to Capital One's meaningful investment. With their support, we also help impacted residents navigate the long road to recovery and become more resilient in the face of future emergencies.”

How Capital One is Supporting ARC Relief Efforts

Together with the ARC, we’re supporting:

  • Helping vulnerable families at home and abroad: To aid those impacted by the war in Ukraine, ARC volunteers are working to reunite separated families, providing food and other household items and increasing awareness about areas contaminated by unexploded ordnance. The ARC is also assisting in water delivery, support to health facilities and medical care for wounded individuals.
  • Delivering disaster relief in the U.S.: The ARC responds to more than 60,000 disasters annually by providing shelter, meals and resources to support the recovery of those impacted. Families displaced by major disasters spent an average of nearly 30 days in an ARC-supported emergency shelter last year.
  • Providing blood donations: The ARC distributes blood donations to aid accident and burn victims, heart surgery and organ transplant patients and those receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer or sickle cell disease.
  • Supporting military and veteran families: The ARC supports military and veteran caregivers through its peer mentor program and has assisted more than 210,000 members of the military during the COVID-19 pandemic through courses designed for the unique challenges of military life.
  • Teaching lifesaving skills: More than 630,000 people enrolled in the ARC’s online courses in first aid, CPR/AED and other lifesaving skills last year.

These efforts will also help support communities we operate in across California, Louisiana, New York, Texas, Virginia and Washington, D.C. prepare for and respond to hurricanes, wildfires and other crises throughout the year.

“Growing up in Jamaica, I experienced my fair share of storms, landslides and earthquakes and I know too well the importance of having immediate aid,” says Kerone Vatel, Head of Community Impact and Investing at Capital One. “It’s incredible to see the direct impact that Capital One’s support to the ARC can make in the communities throughout the U.S.”

How Capital One Cardholders Can Help the ARC

Additionally, Capital One offers its cardholders the option to redeem cash rewards for charitable donations through the PayPal Giving Fund, in which the American Red Cross is one of four spotlighted organizations.

  • 100 percent of donations made by Capital One cardholders go directly to the charity of their choice through the PayPal Giving Fund with no deductions or transaction fees for customers.

Supporting the ARC Through Social Impact Volunteerism

Capital One associates also support the ARC through volunteerism.

Hilary Wilkins, a Senior Risk Associate at Capital One has been volunteering with the ARC for 27 years. As a high school student, she was introduced to the organization through her school’s blood drive, and continued donating regularly — first blood, then later platelets.

At one of the many blood drives she attended, she saw a flyer requesting volunteers and knew she could make a difference as a blood donor ambassador.

“Volunteering is something I’ve done my whole life,” Wilkins said. “It has been ingrained in me to give back where you can.”

As a blood donor ambassador, she supports the ARC’s staff by checking people in, answering any questions they might have and taking any additional work off of the staff’s plate. With each donor, she reminds them that although it might not always seem like it at the moment, they are making a huge difference in someone’s life.

That impact has continued to hit home following the diagnosis of one of her friends with stage 4 Breast Cancer.

“Platelets go to cancer patients,” Wilkins said. “Knowing that I might be giving someone more time is important to me. If you’re able and can donate your time, it saves people’s lives. We get a report about where our blood goes and all of mine has stayed in my hometown of Richmond.”

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