Serving Those Who Serve Our Country

Capital One is committed to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, providing financial relief and protections to military personnel

This story is highlighted in Capital One’s 2019-2020 Corporate Social Responsibility report. To view the full report, click here.

When Capital One customer Mr. M called into the company’s dedicated servicemember line where military specialists are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, he had a lot going on in his life. His son has special needs. He has a high-pressure job as an active duty Air Force servicemember. And he faces health problems. 

Capital One associate Aaron Warren immediately knew Mr. M needed some encouragement. They talked about enduring hardship and looking for the positive. 

Warren soothed Mr. M by saying that the hardest battles go to the toughest soldiers. Then Warren shared a personal story of his own. If, Warren sympathized, he was able to overcome his own life obstacles, he was certain Mr. M could too. 

After the call, Warren followed up with Mr. M with a surprise. He sent a bonsai tree, a small specialized plant that symbolizes harmony and peace in some cultures. In return, Warren received a thank you voice message. 

“I got the tree,” Mr. M said in his message, choking up. “I’ve never had one. I’ve always wanted one. I’m still not okay yet. I’m working that way. I just want you to know that I truly appreciate this. Thank you.”  

Warren is among the many dedicated associates who have the privilege of serving and interacting with heroes like Mr. M, and active and retired members of the United States armed forces. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) provides financial relief and protections to eligible military personnel serving on active duty. Capital One is committed to both the letter and spirit of the SCRA, including the provision of benefits and protections above and beyond what is required under the SCRA in certain situations. Capital One understands that active duty servicemembers who are deployed often have unique communication challenges, so we offer multiple channels of communication

Capital One is on a mission to change banking for good. To be authentic and impactful, our goals for our customers, associates and our communities must be clearly linked. Our 2019-2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report illustrates this commitment. Learn more about Capital One’s commitments, here

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