A Proactive Approach to Mental Health

Capital One’s Capabilities Business Resource Group is helping remove barriers for inclusion for people with disabilities

This story is highlighted in Capital One’s 2019-2020 Corporate Social Responsibility report. To view the full report, click here.

For Capital One associate Angelique Morris, it became her mission to ensure associates have the support of their coworkers and leadership when it comes to mental health. Through our internal medical benefits portal, associates already have access to tools including a medical plan-provided program called LiveHealth Online, which connects associates with a licensed psychiatrist for ongoing therapy. Morris saw an additional opportunity to expand the conversation and connect more people who might themselves be going through a mental health situation or who might know someone who is.

To help combat the stigma associated with mental health, Morris founded Gray Matter, a subgroup of our Capabilities Business Resource Group that focuses on removing barriers for inclusion for people with disabilities in the workplace, marketplace and home.

Gray Matter encourages associates to come together and become stronger by sharing their experiences, strengths and vulnerabilities.

In 2019, Gray Matter rallied behind the hashtag #StartTheConvo to inspire proactive conversations around mental wellness. During National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, the group held several conferences, including one in Richmond, Virginia, which drew over 1,000 attendees.

Attendees at the all-day event had the opportunity to learn from a diverse group of panelists and participate in workshops, including “How to Cope: Day-to-Day Stress Management” and “Demystifying our Mental Wellness Resources.”

Gray Matter has grown exponentially since its founding in 2017 and now has over 1,200 active members. “Now Gray Matter is part of the Capital One culture in a way I could only dream of,” says Morris. “I’m excited for what it will continue to be because it’s truly helping people.”

Capital One is on a mission to change banking for good. To be authentic and impactful, our goals for our customers, associates and our communities must be clearly linked. Our 2019-2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report illustrates this commitment. Learn more about Capital One’s commitments, here

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