Ready, Set, Bank: Set Up Bill Pay and Deposit Checks Online

Manage your money confidently without having to pick up the phone or make a trip to an ATM or bank branch

Older adults have historically been more hesitant to adopt technology. As our world continues to navigate the coronavirus (COVID-19), leveraging technology has become necessary. Capital One sat down with Tom Kamber, Founder and Executive Director of OATS (Older Adults Technology Services), who helped design Ready, Set, Bank™, to explain the benefits of seniors banking online.

“As technology continues to drive innovation in banking, Capital One recognizes the importance of ensuring that more people have the skills necessary to successfully manage their money,” said Kamber. “In creating this program, our goal was for seniors to not simply use technology, but to maximize its relevance and benefits.”

Depositing Checks and Setting Up Bill Pay Without A Trip To An ATM or Bank Branch

The digital world isn’t always intuitive or easy to grasp. As technology transforms industries, people need meaningful learning opportunities to stay ahead. Through a series of short videos, Ready, Set, Bank gives people everywhere the tools and confidence to start banking online. It explains basic digital financial skills like depositing checks, how to set up bill pay and making transfers to friends and family on mobile devices. 

“This program will increase familiarity and access to mobile and online banking for seniors, giving them more confidence in the convenience, control and real-time financial monitoring capabilities of these tools,” said Kamber. “Especially during a time when so many areas of life are uncertain.”


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