Women at Capital One Take The #CourageTo Challenge

Celebrating Women’s History Month with a #CourageTo challenge from empowHER, the Women’s Business Resource Group at Capital One

I will have the #CourageTo live in freedom, not fear.

I will have the #CourageTo go after my wildest dreams.

I will have the #CourageTo lift other women up.

March is Women’s History Month in the United States, a celebration of women and their  contributions to history, culture, and society. And this year, Capital One’s Women’s Business Resource Group (BRG) empowHER set a theme for the celebration—a #CourageTo challenge. 

The first step? empowHER asked associates to write a pledge of courage, one that defines their personal goals to live as more empowered women every day. Women shared their thoughts and observations, making vows (like those above) that inspire and uplift us all.

This challenge is just the start in a year-long campaign, during which empowHER will highlight women who have boldly challenged the status quo. Members will celebrate the many ways that women show courage every day—in our workplaces, our homes, and our communities. 

empowHER’s goals for this year’s celebrations include recognizing the stories and accomplishments of women at Capital One and encouraging our associates to share how they show the #CourageTo in March, and all year long.

About empowHER

The empowHER Business Resource Group (BRG) at Capital One is the company’s biggest BRG, with over half of the company in its membership. empowHER’s goals include elevating women and allies by creating an empathetic, understanding, and safe community for women. empowHER focuses on building diverse pipelines and expanding opportunities for new hires and current associates, all while continuing to cultivate a culture of belonging.

empowHer’s national co-leads Ingrid Dahl (Senior Director in Experience Strategy) and Jodi Constantino (Senior Director in Corporate Compliance) work together to inform the BRG’s strategy of attracting, retaining, and supporting top women talent. With over 25,000 members, it’s not an easy task, but to Dahl and Constantino, it’s worth it. “I believe in women and our collective power in making change, shifting culture, and designing a future that is more equitable and human-centered.” says Dahl. “Women's perspectives and voices, ideas and inventions, courage and bravery turns movements into historical moments and milestones that set the stage for generations to come.”

“Through empowHER, we have an opportunity to sustain a psychologically safe environment of sisterhood--where we trust, connect and relate with one another, sponsor and look out for each other, and tackle the impact of sexism -- and the intersection of race, class, sex and sexuality -- on our lives.”

Capital One Business Resource Groups are an integral part of our culture, and support, engage and develop associates at all levels. To learn more about our BRGs, click here.

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