Standing In Unity with Asian & Pacific Islander Communities

Joining more than 100 companies promoting inclusion and raising awareness in support of diverse communities

Within the past few months, a surge of Asian Americans—particularly elderly people—across major U.S. cities have faced racially motivated discrimination, harassment, and assaults. These latest attacks are part of an upsurge of hate-fueled incidents that the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI, also known as API) community has reported since the COVID-19 virus reached the United States in early 2020. 

Between March 2020 and December 2020, Stop AAPI Hate—a national coalition documenting and addressing anti-Asian hate and discrimination amid the COVID-19 pandemic—received at least 2,808 firsthand accounts of anti-Asian hate from 47 states and the District of Columbia. Within those accounts, 126 incidents involved Asian Americans over 60 years old. Studies from the Pew Research Center, Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAJC) and the Asian American Bar Association of New York similarly confirm the rise in hostility against Asian Americans. 

Capital One strongly opposes racism and discrimination in any form, and unequivocally condemns all acts of hate and violence that threaten the safety of our associates and communities. 

“We stand in unity and solidarity with and in support of our Asian colleagues, customers and communities,” states Rolddy Leyva, Managing Vice President, Global Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, Capital One. “We know many of our associates who identify as API are feeling the emotional burden caused by these recent events. We are creating safe spaces for dialogue and listening, and advocating on behalf of those who need our support.” 

“We must educate ourselves, and not give oxygen to fear and division,” explains Yi-Chen Tu, Vice President of Data Science and the National Lead of Capital One. “It’s important that we find new ways of remaining connected across communities and cultures and, together, combat the rise in bias against Asian communities and any other groups who may become targeted.”

Our associates are encouraged to join our Origins Business Resource Group to help #StopAsianHate by:

  • Becoming An Ally: Educating themselves about what’s happening, and supportive steps they can take. This may include understanding the implication of how the COVID-19 pandemic can affect racial bias.
  • Being An Upstander: When associates see something, Capital One wants them to say something. That means standing up as an “upstander” rather than standing by as a “bystander.” This may include learning to confront and call out racism.
  • Fostering Open Dialogue: Creating safe spaces for honest dialogue. This may include checking in with employees and coworkers during difficult times and having courageous, clear conversations.

As a company, we are also proud to join more than 100 companies in signing a pledge from the COVID-19 Action Agenda, and support Ascend Leadership—a nonprofit Pan-Asian organization for business professionals in North America—to promote inclusion, raise awareness, denounce bias, support communities and give donations to diverse communities, including Pan-Asians.

Asian parent with young child sitting at table_We stand in unity and solidarity with and in support of our Asian colleagues, customers and communities

This current pledge builds on our previous commitment to support the Impact Initiative, which seeks to build on our mission to advance socioeconomic mobility by advocating for an inclusive society, building thriving communities and creating financial tools that enrich lives. Our sentiment remains equally present, relevant and important for us today as we come together to express to our Asian associates, customers, community members and allies that we see you and that we stand with you. 

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