1 Million Women, 1 Million in Wealth with Factora

Our Capital One Cafés are bringing together communities and local nonprofits to enhance financial empowerment.

Just as we’ve worked to bring humanity to banking through our products and services, we strive to be a force for good in our communities by looking out for people and their money. Why? We want to inspire a sense of optimism about the future, every day. To ensure we make real and lasting change, we rely on a vast network of nonprofit organizations, local leaders and influencers - like Allegra Moet Brantly of Factora -  who enhance financial educational and empowerment opportunities among the masses. Factora is an organization on a mission to bring one million women to one million dollars in wealth, and they’re doing so by bringing members of our Café communities alongside them!

Our Cafés are open to everyone, not just customers. People can get support from our Café Ambassadors with all of their banking needs, and take one of our free Money Workshops themed around big moments  – like Navigating Life's Twists and Turns or Finding Space: An Intro to Mindfulness. Or, they can grab a Peet's Coffee and a pastry from a local baker and use free Wifi. The space is completely designed with you in mind. Customers even receive 50% off coffee if they use their card upon purchase. Capital One also works closely with a number of local nonprofits  – whether that's volunteering or hosting financial literacy courses. Plus, registered nonprofits, alumni, and student groups are all welcome to use our community rooms for meetings and events for free! 

Check out Factora’s journey and visit https://factorawealth.com to join the movement!