Capital One joins the Partnership on AI (PAI)

Capital One is working alongside industry leaders to advance the future of AI.

At Capital One, we are driven by our mission to change banking for good by helping improve the financial lives of millions of customers. We believe the evolving capabilities of AI in combination with our mission-driven focus presents a tremendous opportunity to deliver value to customers in ways never possible before — from offering more seamless, personalized products to enhancing privacy and protection of customers’ financial information. 

Partnering to leverage the potential of AI

We also know that leveraging the potential high impact and opportunities of AI will require significant, multidisciplinary work within the institutions building AI solutions. That’s why we are proud to announce that Capital One has joined the Partnership on AI (PAI), a leading independent, non-profit partnership of academic, civil society and industry stakeholders seeking to address the world’s most important and difficult questions concerning the future of AI.

Prem Natarajan, EVP, on joining PAI

On joining PAI, Prem Natarajan, EVP, Chief Scientist & Head of Enterprise AI at Capital One, noted, "Our founding as a company was based on using technology, data and analytics to tailor products and services to customers’ needs and democratize access to credit. Today, AI and ML are foundational to how we continue to deliver value for our customers and our business — and we have a strong belief in multidisciplinary, multi-stakeholder frameworks and partnerships to advance the frontiers of AI. We are thrilled to join the PAI community to contribute to thoughtful, responsible and transformational developments in AI to help unlock broad societal benefits and opportunities."

With this membership, Capital One joins the PAI’s global network of more than 100 organizations that collaborate to identify AI’s most important challenges and opportunities and co-develop practical, effective guidance for well managed approaches to AI development and deployment.

"I am delighted to welcome Capital One to the Partnership on AI and look forward to their insights on developing AI responsibly, particularly in financial services,” said Rebecca Finlay, CEO, Partnership on AI. "With their fintech expertise, Capital One brings an important perspective to our collective work on building trustworthy and safe AI."

Together with PAI and its partners, Capital One will work to contribute to research that crosses interests and advances public dialogue around the critical opportunities, risks and well managed approaches to advancing the development and deployment of AI.

Advancing understanding about the social and societal possibilities of AI

PAI takes these critical insights and turns them into actionable solutions that build the field of AI’s capacity and preparedness for the future, including identifying emerging trends which require collective attention; holding important and timely convenings across fields to share and establish new knowledge; co-creating solutions through systematic research, original data collection, and review of such data; and contributing to high-quality frameworks, resources and recommendations that promote adoption with partners, inform public policy and advance public understanding about the social and societal impacts of AI.

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