APIs behind Capital One rewards

APIs behind Capital One rewards

Learn about the serverless, scalable APIs powering customer rewards.

Capital One Tech

The tech we build in-house powers what we're probably most famous for, our customer rewards program

Our serverless APIs are why customers at REI are able to pay with rewards in-store and access the Capital One Lounges fast with a digital pass. And because we focus on building tech the right way once and then scaling across all relevant use cases, these APIs are easy for other developers to pick up and use for their own use cases across the enterprise.

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Shop with Rewards API

Allow customers to pay with rewards in-store

Our serverless rewards redemption API has 3 distinct endpoints and a flexible abstraction layer protecting our data.

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Digital Wallet Service API

An API that generates a pass that you can add to your digital wallet 

This REST API generates Android/iOS digital passes. It's built in Node using Lambdas to be lightweight & maintainable.

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