Harvard Business School Tech Conference

Held at Harvard Business School, the Tech Conference is one of the largest student-run MBA technology conferences in the world. The conference facilitates an interactive network of current and future business leaders to engage in a provocative dialogue about technology and its impact on business and society. Masters of Scale in alliance with Capital One Business participated by hosting a live recording of the podcast with Reid Hoffman in conversation with A-Rod Corp’s Alex Rodriguez.

Video | 1:41 MIN

Why you shouldn’t trade breadth for depth in mentorship

Harvard Business School’s Mihir Desai

Video | 1:19 MIN

Unforgettable advice from Warren Buffet

A-Rod Corp’s Alex Rodriguez

Video | 1:31 MIN

What it means to be a utility player

A-Rod Corp’s Alex Rodriguez

Video | 1:48 MIN

The “ten-touch rule” of cultivating a mentor relationship

A-Rod Corp’s Alex Rodriguez

Video | 1:08 MIN

Alex Rodriguez on what his suspension taught him that he’s taken to business

A-Rod Corp’s Alex Rodriguez

Video | 1:37 MIN

How to reassure your team

A-Rod Corp’s Alex Rodriguez

Masters of Scale Book Launch

The Masters of Scale book co-authored by Reid Hoffman, Deron Triff and June Cohen details surprising truths from the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. Through vivid storytelling and incisive analysis, the book distills their collective insights into a set of counterintuitive principles that anyone can use. Find out more about these learnings, and where to get the book, here.

Video | 0:46 MIN

How many interviews is too many

Reid Hoffman take on the number of interviews to ensure a candidate fits the workplace culture.

Video | 0:49 MIN

When to listen to your peers to improve your methods

Reid Hoffman on when it’s the right time to question your methods after noticing a pattern of concern from your peers

Video | 0:41 MIN

How to pivot strategy without changing vision

Reid Hoffman on how a good pivot focuses on strategy without compromising vision. There’s nothing wrong with making adjustments for the betterment of your company.


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