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Virtual Card Benefits

Help protect yourself from fraud

No need to update your information with vendors if your physical card gets lost or stolen. 

Control vendor payments

Set up cards for a limited time, then lock them down—without locking your entire account.

Create transparency

Make budget management easier with your recurring or new merchant relationships. 


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Keep track of all your software subscriptions

Assign unique virtual cards to each vendor and easily manage your recurring subscriptions—such as Adobe, QuickBooks, Slack and Zoom. 1

Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual card is a unique credit card number that's generated on-demand. It’s linked to your physical card and can be used online or over the phone with a merchant.

A virtual card is not a prepaid debit card and works similarly to a regular credit card. When you make a purchase with a virtual card, it will show up as a transaction on your credit card statement just like any other charge.

Virtual cards let you make purchases without exposing your physical card number. In the event of a fraud event on your physical card, your virtual card numbers will remain active—keeping your business running.

Virtual cards are an extension of your existing credit card account. You aren't opening a new account when you create virtual cards.