Capital One® Datasharing Terms and Conditions

Last modified 10/03/2019

This Data Release Agreement is between you and Capital One Services, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company with offices at 1680 Capital One Drive, McLean, Virginia (together, with its parents and subsidiaries, "Capital One" or "us" or "we") and governs your use of the Capital One Transactions Service (the "Service"). The Data Release Agreement applies in addition to, and does not replace, any other agreement that may apply to your Capital One account(s), such as any Capital One consumer or business credit card, checking, savings, home loan, and/or auto account(s) (each an "Account").

Before using the Service, please read these Terms and Conditions , the Capital One Privacy Policy, and the Capital One Online Banking Terms and Conditions (collectively with the Data Release Agreement, the "Agreement"). Your use of the Service is conditioned on your acceptance of this Agreement. If you don't accept these terms, you may not use it. We may modify these terms at any time and will post revised terms at We may modify or suspend the Service at any time.

The Service: The Service allows you to request and authorize us to release Data (see definition below), including your personal information, to a third party (the "Company"). Once you are logged in with your Capital One credentials, you can authorize us to begin releasing the Data to the Company on your behalf. That third party may also provide this data to other companies (e.g. Party A may hire Party B to acquire this data).

Data We Release: "Data" means information from or about your Account(s) (whether individually or jointly owned), and may include account name, account type, balance information, transaction history, payment history, and loan details. We may not make available all of your Accounts, or all of the data about any particular Account.

Unlinking: Once you have authorized us to share your Data with Company, we will continue to provide it until you ask us to stop. You can do so by visiting your security settings in our Capital One mobile app. It may take up to 15 minutes for this to take effect. Please note that while we will disable the Company's ability to access your Data, the Company may still show your Capital One account as connected. The Company may also be able to retain and use the Data that had already been provided. For more information, visit the Company's privacy documentation.

Once We Release Your Data, the Company, Not Capital One, Is Responsible for Managing, Using, and Protecting It. It's important that you understand how this works, and how Capital One is involved. We are providing a service for you to request that we release your Data to a third-party Company. We will authenticate that the request was made by you or on your behalf (e.g., using your Capital One username and password), and then we will release the Data. Once we do that, and that Company has it, it's in their control.

Limitation of Liability: Accordingly, you understand and agree that: (1) the Company (and not Capital One) is solely responsible for what happens to the Data once it's in their possession, (2) unless we specifically state otherwise, we do not endorse, support, or offer the Company's products or services, (3) we have no responsibility to monitor the Company's use of your data, and (4) you won't try to hold us in any way responsible for Company's use of the data. It's possible that the Company will keep your data forever, or use it to market to you, or repackage it, or lose it, or even sell it. By authorizing us to release your Data, you accept these risks. We'll still protect your Data on our end, but we won't be responsible for what happens on their end.

Company's Privacy Practices: To learn more about how that Company protects, manages, and uses your data, consult their Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and/or supporting documentation.