Effortless ways to save money with smart technology

How Eno and other proactive tech can help you avoid double swipes and put saving on autopilot.

If you’ve ever dropped a twenty-dollar bill on the sidewalk, you know how frustrating it is to lose money. If you’ve ever had someone hand you the bill you just dropped, you know how good it feels when someone’s got your back. Technology is evolving to do just that—and it’s helping consumers save money without having to think about it.

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Catch costly double charges you might otherwise miss

When it comes to “double swipes,” it’s easy to miss a duplicate charge on your credit card unless you’re reviewing every transaction on your statement. Eno, the Capital One assistant, makes it a little more effortless. Say the coffee shop ran your card twice or a site glitch submitted your order twice. Eno is always keeping an eye out for those possible double swipes so you don’t have to. If a double swipe is detected, Eno will notify you, and help you clear it up right away if something’s not right.  

Eno is on the forefront of a wave of financial tech innovations all designed to make saving money a little easier. From sophisticated AI tools to smart integrations, here are a few other ways tech can help you manage your money.

Alerts help you avoid late fees and interest charges on missed payment due dates

Despite our best efforts, life is busy, our inboxes get packed, and missed payments happen. Even if you do remember a due date is coming up, it doesn’t always happen when you’re in front of your computer.

Eno comes in handy again here, using texts to remind you when your bill is due. Eno is more than just a reminder, though—you can take action the moment you receive a text and pay your bill right over text.

Unenroll from monthly subscriptions or plans you don’t need

Small subscription fees and monthly and yearly service plans might seem marginal, but they add up. It’s why the “subscription economy” is such a success—it’s easy to let those small charges slide month after month. As a result, some people have found they’re paying hundreds of dollars a month in auto-renewed subscriptions they don’t need or want.

It’s led to the development of smart apps that help to weed out and decrease the services you’re paying for each month. Certain apps will even take the hassle of unsubscribing off your hands or renegotiate lower bills on your behalf. Want to hang on to any of those subscriptions but know if prices increase? Assistants like Eno can keep an eye on monthly charges, letting you know when one goes up, when your free trials may be coming to an end, and when you can expect recurring charges to show up on your bill.

Let apps do the legwork of finding coupon codes, better deals or price adjustments

For some people, half the fun of shopping is finding a deal. But with millions of websites and ecommerce retailers to choose from, hunting down bargains and comparison shopping isn’t always practical. Sometimes, you just need to purchase something on the spot, which means you might be leaving money on the table every time you shop.

Data-driven browser extensions and price comparison apps can help you find the best deal by proactively comparing prices and suggesting coupon codes at checkout. Whether it’s free shipping or a discount, these little savings add up. Other tools let you track a product or travel destination and send you updates about fluctuating prices so you can decide when’s the best time to buy.

What about after you’ve made a purchase? It’s frustrating to see that item you just bought drop in price, but it takes effort to monitor prices. Price adjustment apps can offer peace of mind by keeping an eye out for price drops, and working on your behalf to adjust the price difference for a portion of the refund.

When it comes to staying on top of your money day in and day out, taking advantage of smart apps and intelligent assistants like Eno is a no-brainer. Learn more about how Eno helps you protect your money, shop safer online, and manage your accounts here.

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