Cozy winter fun for the whole family

Discover new ways to create core memories with the ones you love most.

Winter is coming! The season brings more time off work, school and typical day-to-day activities, but with colder temperatures creeping in, it can be difficult to think of ways to spend the extra family time. 

The good news is the opportunity to make new memories and traditions from the comfort of your home is endless! There’s no need to get out of your pajamas to be a baker, movie marathoner or newfound knitter. 

Here are 5 activities to stay cozy this winter.

Sip and share favorite memories

Chilly days are the perfect time for a cup of hot cocoa and being together. 

Level up this year by setting up an easy hot chocolate bar. Get the entire family involved by including a favorite from each member in the spread. Marshmallows and whipped cream are necessities, but some creative additions could be peppermint sticks, cinnamon sticks and cookies for dipping. 

Pull out your favorite mugs, make your personalized cup of cocoa, and gather around the kitchen table or cozy up on the couch. Use this time to reflect on memories from the present and the past. Telling stories and sipping a hot drink is the perfect way to spend a cozy night home with family. 

Bake the day away

In the mood for a sweet treat? Preheat the oven, pick one or two comfort desserts and get the kids on board for a day of fun! 

Search online or break out an old recipe book to decide what to make. Cookies, cake or brownies are easy cozy classics that everyone loves. 

If you’re not much of a baker, no need to fret! There are plenty of options such as boxed mixes and break-and-bake cookies to make your life a little easier. 

Continue the family fun by decorating your sweet treats together, allowing everyone to showcase their creativity. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy what you’ve made! 

Cuddle up to a movie marathon 

Winter is the perfect time to snuggle up and fill your day with your favorite films.

Set your scene before diving in—build a comfy fort or gather your favorite pillows and blankets to get cozy. 

Don’t forget the movie snacks! Pop some popcorn, grab some candy and pick a drink. Get plenty of options to make sure you don’t have to get up during the movies. 

Whether you pick a movie series or choose as you go, you’re now ready for a cozy day together. 

Create a cozy accessory 

Knitting, crocheting and sewing are great learning opportunities for the whole family. If you’re a seasoned pro, teach your kids and spouse how to get started. If you’re not, this is a chance to learn a new skill together. 

Look up instructions for how to create whichever project you chose. Some options include hats, scarfs, plush toys and pillow covers. 

Once finished, you will have new accessories for the season, and the kids will have a fun show-and-tell once they go back to school! 

Escape cabin fever 

Sometimes you want to be inside, but maybe need a change of scenery. A weekend getaway close to home is the perfect way to enjoy time together and make new memories. 

We’ve all been there—you’re a couple of weeks into winter and everyone’s getting a little stir-crazy. Whether you choose to rent a cabin in the mountains, escape to a warmer destination or stay at a local hotel, the new location is something the whole family will appreciate. 

Winter weather is often dreaded, but provides the unique opportunity to spend more time with your family by embracing old traditions and starting new ones. The colder days will be there one way or another, but the memories will only be present if you embrace the chance to make them. 

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