Cost-conscious ways to reconnect with friends

Everyone’s situation is different—try one of these ways to mindfully reconnect with a friend.

As we begin to enter a post-pandemic world, many people are seeking out old friends that they may have drifted away from during those trying times. When considering ways to reconnect, however, it’s important to recognize that everyone’s financial situation is different. 

Being mindful about how you plan to reconnect with friends can help keep things from getting awkward when it comes to spending money and time.

Find the right time

As we get older, finding the time to connect with friends can get a lot harder. People have kids, work different types of jobs and have hobbies that can soak up free hours. When thinking about how to reconnect with your friends, be considerate of work schedules and things like child care.

Try to find times that work for both of you without having to sacrifice time off from work or pay for child care. If it doesn’t seem possible, think about trying a virtual board game night—many games can be played and are a ton of fun over a video call. Or make a commitment to spend time far enough in advance that both of you have time to plan accordingly.

Keep it budget friendly

Budget can be everything for some people. Whether it’s a young family on a budget, new parents trying to work things out or a friend who’s changing career paths—consider seeking out budget-friendly options when trying to reconnect.

Ask what your friends would be comfortable doing, or see if they have ideas for a way to spend some time reconnecting. This way, they’re able to choose something that fits their budget and schedule without having to have any awkward conversations about money.

Visit a café

Meeting for a quick cup of coffee is a great way to reconnect without much cost. Capital One Cafés, for example, offer handcrafted beverages, fresh snacks and tons of cozy nooks to have a more private chat. Plus, you can take advantage of offerings like free Money & Life workshops and cardholder discounts to make the hangout even better. 

Consider the kids

New parents may want nothing more than to bring their children along to reconnect with an old friend so they can all celebrate the major life moment together. More seasoned parents may want nothing more than to sneak away for a couple of hours and enjoy some time being kid-free.

As you’re trying to reconnect with your friends, be open about plans for the kids. Would you rather have it be time for just the adults, or should you try to plan something that’s for all ages? Be mindful of what your friends may be feeling, and don’t hesitate to ask about what they’d prefer.

Build something together

A great way to reconnect without breaking the bank is to spend some time building something together. Maybe you can help an old friend tackle a small household project they’ve been putting off. Or maybe you can spend time online together reminiscing about old songs and building a playlist you both can share. Creating a mutual activity gives you both the benefit of having a finished project to show for your time and a way to dive into something that can fit both of your budgets and schedules.

However you choose to reconnect, remember that you’re doing it because you miss spending time with that person. A lot has changed over the last few years, from financial positions to how and where some people are comfortable hanging out. Be flexible and mindful when reconnecting with old friends, and you’re sure to have a great time.

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