Elevate The Everyday: Take florals further with Amy Balsters

Learn how to elevate grocery store flowers into a unique floral arrangement with The Floral Coach Amy Balsters.

Capital One wants to help you “Elevate The Everyday” so you can do more of what you enjoy—like adding some unique elevated spins to floral arrangements. We’re bringing you personal hacks, tips and tricks for all the things you love doing—straight from the professional tastemakers and trendsetters filling your feed. 

This episode of “Elevate The Everyday” is all about freshening up everyday floral arrangements. Amy Balsters, also known as The Floral Coach, shares her tips on how to identify a color palette, accessorize and build a custom arrangement that will be the perfect centerpiece for your home. 

Amy Balsters is a renowned floral design expert and educator who aims to use her expertise to coach and train floral designers to reach their goals. Using both online courses and hands-on workshops, Amy will help any budding floral designer reach their true potential. 

As fall approaches and the colors start to change, it’s never been a better time to refresh your space and add some floral color to your home. Flowers are always a quick and simple way to freshen up any room. Amy is here to show how you can use items from your local grocery store to create a stunning and unique floral arrangement. 

Close-up of Amy Balsters and a finished bouquet.

Pick up some tips from The Floral Coach. Watch Amy Balsters Elevate the Everyday by taking store-bought flowers and transforming them into a bouquet of beauty.

Amy Balster’s tips on taking florals further

In this “Elevate The Everyday” video, Amy shares her tips for not only selecting the different components of your floral arrangement but also how to prepare and assemble your arrangement. Using simple tips and household items to create a high-end floral arrangement is easier than you might think.

  • Pick the perfect palette. Start off by picking a single flower. From there, identify the main and supporting colors to determine which colors to work with when building your full floral arrangement. 
  • Use fruits and veggies. Go to the produce section and find some fresh, seasonal selections to fill out your arrangement. Apples are a great place to start. You can then use wooden bamboo skewers to create your own stems and place them throughout your other florals. 
  • Be safe with stems. To safely de-thorn rose stems, grab the bud near the top with one hand while wrapping a dish towel around the stem with your other hand. Then simply pull your toweled hand downward to quickly and safely clean the stems.
  • Start your arrangement with a grid. Use strips of tape over the top of your vase to create a grid. This helps you keep the flowers organized and in place as you build. 
  • Hearty stuff first. Start your arrangement with your heartiest stems. Anything thick or branchy is a great base to help keep the rest of your arrangement stable. 

With these simple tips, you’ll be able to create a homemade floral arrangement with items found in your grocery store—just another way to Elevate the Everyday and bring some fresh style to your countertops.

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