Celebrating the season together

Shift into spring by celebrating longer days, warmer weather and new beginnings with the ones you love. It’s a great time to reconnect! 

If you’re looking for the perfect date to gather, take a glance at your calendar and pick a seasonal holiday, a personal milestone or a just-because day! That’s the best part about coming together with friends and family, you don’t always need a reason—a place to meet and an openness to make memories are all that are required. 

Here are 5 gathering tips to maximize your spring: 

Host a garden party 

Being able to get together outside is a major perk of springtime. Embrace the weather and nature by throwing a garden party. This can take place in the comfort of your own backyard or at a slew of different venues if you are hosting a larger gathering. 

The versatility of this type of event is what makes it special. Depending on your budget, you might have different ideas to make the party unique to your group. A more formal event might involve a dress code, catering and an elaborate tablescape, while a more casual gathering could include a potluck, yard games and your favorite playlist. Of course, you can always mix and match to make your occasion awe-inspiring. 

Fix a spring feast 

No celebration is complete without a meal shared by friends and family. Cooking a meal together provides an opportunity to catch up and bond over a common goal. Whether you have a tradition to gather for a certain holiday or it’s just dinner on a Tuesday, food truly brings people together. 

One way to embrace the season is to visit your local farmers market for fresh seasonal produce and locally baked goods to incorporate into your meal. Another is to take your feast outside and enjoy it picnic style if the weather permits. 

There’s nothing quite like sitting around a table with your closest friends and family, sharing old memories, making new ones and enjoying a home-cooked meal. 

Gather around the fire

Warmer days and chillier nights are pretty typical throughout springtime. A fun way to beat the evening temperature drop is to have a bonfire. It’s the perfect setting for an intimate celebration with friends and family. 

The fire not only will keep you warm while chatting but can be put to a bigger use when it comes time to roast hotdogs or marshmallows. S’mores anyone? A cozy tip is to have blankets nearby to keep everyone toasty. 

Set the mood even further by playing music and putting up string lights—creating the perfect way to kick off any gathering. 

Set out on a hike

Reconnect with loved ones in the fresh air on a hike. Invite a group to explore the allure of the season with this scenic adventure. 

Most likely, not many of us think of hiking when celebrating holidays or milestones. So consider this as your sign to incorporate a hike into your next get-together. It’s an activity that can complement any festivity for free. 

When setting out on a hike, you can customize the experience depending on your group, your time limit and your plans for the rest of the day. There are many public trails waiting to be explored. Make sure to take plenty of pictures, but above all, be present in conversation and togetherness, because memories are bound to be made. 

Visit a flower farm

Spring is in bloom! Take advantage of the blossoming fields with a trip to a flower farm. Whether you are looking to spend a day with a friend or throw a birthday party for your child, this is an ideal way to celebrate spring. 

Spend the day frolicking, picking flowers and taking in the beauty of nature. Some farms even offer other activities like hayrides and petting zoos that the whole family can enjoy. 

Remember the day by taking pictures of the vibrant colors and your group enjoying them, and then bring home a fresh bouquet. Celebrate the season by strengthening your bond with nature and your loved ones. 

There’s no excuse needed to celebrate spring. Cherish the little moments, toast to the big ones and gather with friends and family for all. Festivities can range in price, but there will always be a memory-making option that works best for you. 


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