How to throw a thrilling Halloween block party

Gather your festive fall decor and start prepping your favorite spooky recipes for an All Hallows’ Eve-inspired bash.

Halloween is here! And it’s a great time of year to break out the costumes, stock up on sweets and get the neighborhood geared up. So gather your most festive fall decor and start prepping your favorite spooky recipes for an all-out All Hallows’ Eve-inspired bash. 

From party basics to frightfully-fun details, here are some ideas for you to consider:

Keep it casual

There’s no need to overcomplicate things. Make it easy for everyone to say yes and join in on all the fun.

Don’t be afraid to delegate

Potluck is your BFF. It’ll take the heavy lifting off your shoulders and let you focus on the things you love to do. 

Pick the perfect location

A local park makes for easy parking and entry and keeps feet from tracking in and out of your home. Community centers can offer on-site refrigeration and ice. 

Stay safe

Of course, one of the most important qualities of any party is that it’s safe. If you’re holding it in a public area, find out what security features are on the property. And put at least one adult in charge of head counts with respect to kids throughout the night. 

Tell everyone

A party isn’t a party if no one shows up. Set up a social media page and invite the entire neighborhood. Get crafty with your own unique homemade Halloween invitations. Or go full-tech and create a fun video invitation. Include a secret password for a more exclusive vibe. 

Pick a thrilling theme

Obviously, Halloween isn’t just for kids. So make it fun for everyone with a theme the little ones and their adults can get into. You could choose to keep it simple and stick to all things Halloween. Or opt to encourage everyone’s creativity with a fun-filled theme like “Halloween in the Jungle” or “Heroes and Villains.” Not only will you be guaranteed to turn out post-worthy pics, but also you’re sure to have one cool-looking crowd. 

Craft freakish decor

Attention, crafty people. Here’s your chance to really shine. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to hand make some hair-raising decorations. And you don’t have to break the bank to do it. If you’re really in it to win and own All Hallows’ Eve, invest in one or two super cool pieces that bring Halloween tech to another dimension. Think holographic ghoul projector or a simple fog machine. Then let your imagination run wild. Own a drone? Turn it into a floating ghost! Make a lifelike head in a jar using a glass container and a laminated image of a severed skull. Grab some chicken wire or clear packing tape to create a ghostly silhouette. And leave no stone unscary. The gore is in the details, so remember to spookify every aspect of your event. The creepier the better, and the possibilities are endless. 

Make frightening food

Just because you’ve gone potluck doesn’t mean you’re kicked out of the kitchen. Halloween is the perfect excuse to whip up some terrifying treats of your own. From spiderweb cakes to toxic waste mac and cheese, if it looks gross and tastes delicious, it’s a win! 

Play ghoulish games

Help scare up an appetite in all your guests with fearful games and activities that are fun for everyone. Kid classics like bobbing for apples and pumpkin bowling are always a hit, but you can also get the adults involved with a game of classic horror movie bingo. Or split into teams, hand out some lanterns and track hidden treasures on a moonlit scavenger hunt. 

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget the music. Nothing raises the dead like a little two-step. And a Halloween party without the Monster Mash may as well just rest in peace

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