Antonelli’s small business picks for foodies

Cheese shop owners John and Kendall Antonelli show you how to build a meal around a cheese board.

Capital One is proud to support #SmallUnites, a movement designed to rally communities across the country to champion the small businesses they love. Help small businesses thrive in the new normal by shopping this collection of thoughtful gifts. You’ll do—and buy—more of what you enjoy, all while supporting the small business community.

For the Capital One series supporting Small Unites, John and Kendall Antonelli of Antonelli’s Cheese Shop in Austin, Texas, who are featured on Capital One’s Profiles of Courage series, share their love for cheese as well as ideas on great foods to pair with cheese.

“During these weird times, when life can seem simultaneously hectic and still, we’re embracing the simplicity and beauty of a perfectly packed picnic,” John and Kendall explained. "Whether to take and enjoy safely in our fave local parks, hit the road cross-country in an RV or just bundle up for an indoor picnic, the goal here is to not have to worry about cooking a thing and letting the ingredients speak for themselves.” 

For the Antonellis, the perfect meal hits on each of the five types of flavor—sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami. 

They’re excited to highlight small, artisanal food makers as part of their continued support for the Good Food Foundation, which exists to celebrate and promote tasty, authentic and responsible food. 

A couple poses with wine and cheese.

Antonelli’s small business picks:

  • CheeseAntonelli’s Cheese Shop (or wherever you can shop local): Like many cheese lovers around the country, the Antonellis turned their passion into a business that lets them travel the world, eat great cheese and educate other cheese lovers. Small food shops like Antonelli’s can use your help this year, so find your local spot and consider American artisanal cheese while you’re at it. Seriously, America makes great cheese. A U.S. creamery even won World’s Best Cheese last year at the prestigious World Cheese Awards.
  • CharcuterieSmoking Goose: Despite memes to the contrary, the French word “charcuterie” literally translates to “cured meat” and doesn’t have anything to do with cheese (but it goes really, really well with cheese). While everything is great at Smoking Goose, which specializes in slow-cured and smoked meats, salumi and sausages in downtown Indianapolis, their duck prosciutto is a must-try.
  • JarredLe Bon Magot: Inspired by one family’s culinary journey through Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, Le Bon Magot produces chutneys, condiments and emulsions from heirloom recipes in small batches right here in the USA. Their Brinjal Caponata has its origins in Western India and, much like its Provencal, Sicilian and Spanish sisters, its sweet-and-sour taste has a natural affinity to oil-rich grilled fish, lamb, nutty cheeses and breads.
  • PicklesBow Hill Blueberries: Grown on the oldest family-run blueberry farm in Washington state’s Skagit Valley, their Organic Pickled Heirloom Blueberries deliver a crisp burst of tangy deliciousness that opens up with each bite. It’s the perfect companion to artisan cheeses, deviled eggs, salmon, duck, pate, curries, soups, salads and charcuterie.
  • CrunchOh-Mazing!: Stephanie Williams wanted to create a healthier alternative to snacks at the grocery store and made her “from scratch” granola recipe using all-natural ingredients. Her Original Recipe granola snack has a sweet caramel flavor that makes it simply delicious. It’s a great way to add a crunch to your cheese board.
  • ChocolateMadhu Chocolate: Madhu combines traditional Indian flavors with the beloved chocolate bar. The cacao comes from Colombia all the way to Austin, Texas, where it’s roasted, flavored and wrapped by hand to create the best bean-to-bar available. Their Saffron Milk Bar makes for a perfectly sweet and creamy bite. 
  • WineMaison Noir Wines: Sommelier André Hueston Mack developed his wines for some of New York’s finest restaurants, and now they’re available across the country. Their Other People’s Pinot Gris is like “juggling apples, pears and peaches while dancing—enthralling, upbeat, fresh and deluxe.”
  • Just for FunPhillip Ashley Chocolates: Named the “Real-life Willy Wonka,” Phillip Ashley Rix is an award-winning chocolatier based in Memphis who strives to design the finest, unique chocolate experience, like chocolate-covered bacon. What more is there to say? It’s the perfect sweet and salty bite.

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