Elevate the everyday: Bring the outdoors in with Bobby Berk

Get expert design tips for bringing your space to life with plants.

Capital One wants to help you “Elevate The Everyday” so you can do more of what you enjoy—like adding some unique stylistic spins to your home. We’re bringing you personal hacks, tips and tricks for all the things you love doing—straight from the professional tastemakers and trendsetters filling your feed. 

Capital One presents “Elevate The Everyday: Home Edition.” It’s never been more important to love the space you’re in. That’s why we’ve teamed up with “Queer Eye” interior design expert Bobby Berk to share how to spruce up your space by bringing in some fresh air.

Bobby believes that sometimes the best way to add some style inside is to start by going outside. That means adding some plant life to your corners and tabletops and even within some unused, upcycled storage units. Plants are an easy way to bring some life into your space—literally. 

Bobby smiles while standing in a living room filled with plants.

Bringing your space to life

We get it, plants are intimidating. After all, they’re just something else to take care of and keep alive. But trust us (and Bobby)—it’s easier than you think. Plus, having plants around truly elevates your space. Not only do they add some personality and color to any room, but they also boost productivity, reduce stress and provide more oxygen. Watch the video above and find out how you can add some greenery to your home, no matter how green your thumb may (or may not!) be. 

Check out Bobby’s tips for bringing life into your space:

  • Use clusters for corners. Indoor trees are a great way to fill the space of otherwise neglected corners. Group them together in a set of three for a cluster that brings the whole room to life. 
  • Pick the right planter. Different planters work better for different styles. Ceramic is great for modern spaces, while wood or wicker pairs perfectly with rustic interiors. 
  • Water with the seasons. Did you know that plants grow at different rates depending on the season? For example, in winter, plants grow slower and therefore need less water. Consider the season to save water and your plants. 
  • Still don’t know? Go faux. Fake plants have come a long way. They look great, always stay green and live forever. Faux eucalyptus is a great option; be sure to include three to five stems to fill out a vase.

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