Elevate The Everyday: Adding Bold Home Color With Bobby Berk

Learn how adding a bit of bold color can elevate your space and mood

Capital One wants to help you “Elevate The Everyday” so you can do more of what you enjoy—like adding some unique stylistic spins to your home. We’re bringing you personal hacks, tips and tricks for all the things you love doing—straight from the professional tastemakers and trendsetters filling your feed. 

Capital One presents Elevate The Everyday: Home Edition. It’s never been more important to love the space you’re in. That’s why we’ve teamed up with “Queer Eye” interior design expert Bobby Berk to show you how you can change the space you’re in with simple and colorful style solutions.

Today, he’ll help you embolden and boost your home’s mood by adding a bit of color to walls, floors and corners—all without the permanence of paint or wallpaper. These pops of color will complement and balance any neutral or minimalist space to create a new and exciting aesthetic.

Living room setup with sofa, tables and chairs and bold colors added.

Adding a Bit of Bold

Adding some bold to your space all starts with adding color. While neutral tones have been the trend of late, utilizing hints of color can affect everything from your mood to your energy level. And there are plenty of easy, inexpensive ways to bring some of those colorful cues and hues right into your home. From throw pillows to a gallery wall, adding color can completely transform any environment. 

Here are Bobby’s tips for adding a bit of bold to your home:

  • Let color cue your mood. Pink can boost creativity, yellow promotes happiness and blue is a natural stress reliever. So, depending on the room, you can create the perfect environment for a living area, home office or dining room. 
  • Get artsy. A colorful gallery grouping is a great way to balance a more neutral space, while a large piece is a stylish way to make a statement. If you’re going with a bright color, go abstract to balance out the space. And don’t forget, more expensive art isn’t necessarily more colorful. There are plenty of affordable options if you shop around.
  • Don’t ignore the floor. When picking a rug, think about the floor. Different shades of wood or flooring work better with certain tones and colors of rugs. Dark floors love moody tones like red and caramel, while medium wood floors are perfect for green or charcoal. For light floors, use the blues.

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