Ways to use your QuicksilverOne rewards during the holidays

Learn how cash back rewards can help stretch your budget a bit further this holiday season.

The holidays are here! And with them come additional expenses. From travel to parties to gifts, it’s no wonder Americans expect to spend, on average, over $1,000 this holiday season. 

It’s a good idea to budget for extra holiday spending, but don’t forget you may be able to redeem credit card rewards for purchases you’re already making. Here are a few fun ways to take advantage of the 1.5% cash back you earn with your QuicksilverOne card this holiday season.

Lower your account balance

Sitting on cash back you’ve earned? Try applying those rewards directly to your account to reduce some seasonal spending stress. 

Redeem cash back rewards as a statement credit, applying them toward your account balance.1 Or redeem them on a recent purchase, eliminating it from your next bill. Either way, this can help free up room in your holiday budget.

Embrace holiday travel

More often than not, travel is a part of the holiday season. But the good news is, your rewards can help cover costs. 

Whether you’re going out of state or just down the street, you can redeem rewards on all types of purchases. Things like flights, doggy daycare and gas are covered. Last-minute gifts are eligible, too! Just sign in to your account and choose a recent purchase you’d like to erase. 

Entertain guests

There’s nothing like bringing friends and family together during the holidays. But hosting comes with added expenses. With QuicksilverOne, you can redeem rewards in the form of a check to help cover some of the costs.

And with a little planning, you can put on an amazing event without breaking the bank. Hosting brunch or a cookie exchange is a great, inexpensive way to get everyone together for some unexpected fun. And if you can’t afford to deck the halls in your entire home, focus on key spots—think front door, mantel and food table.

Give the gift of cards

Everyone has those difficult-to-shop-for people. When you’re stumped, trying to find that perfect gift they’d love (and don’t already own), gift cards can be a lifesaver. And using your QuicksilverOne rewards is a great way to cover the cost of gift cards. 

Ready to gift them? Consider creative packaging options. Movie passes can go in a fun container with candy and popcorn. Giving something travel related? Wrap your gift card in a map or tuck it in a luggage tag. Even gift cards for coffee can be packed with creativity. Try giving them in a quirky mug or reusable cup.

Get the most out of the season—and your rewards

With 1.5% unlimited cash back on every purchase, every day, QuicksilverOne lets you earn as you spend—during the holiday season and beyond. And it offers a range of options for redeeming those rewards. So why not let QuicksilverOne make your seasonal budget a bit more merry and bright?

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