9 Things You Can Do at a Capital One® Café

Learn how Capital One is reimagining banking

You may have seen Capital One® Cafés popping up across the country. Capital One is reimagining banking, and Cafés are a big part of the process. 

The concept behind them is simple: Design spaces with people and their needs in mind—even if they aren’t Capital One customers.

Cafés are meant to play an active role in the community, because banking should be about more than money. As you’ll learn when you stop in, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy the space—and here are 9 to get you started.

Relax and Recharge

1. Peet’s Coffee®

The first thing you’ll notice during your visit is the full-service coffee bar. The Cafés proudly serve Peet’s Coffee®, tea and more, along with locally baked treats. Capital One credit and debit cardholders get 50% off Peet’s® handcrafted beverages.

2. Meetups and Workspaces

Each Café has its own personality with plenty of space to get comfortable and get some work done. With free Wi-Fi, plenty of access to charging stations and some semiprivate nooks, it’s a great place where you can focus on work or find room to collaborate.

Get Your Banking Done

3. ATMs

If you’re a Capital One customer, there’s no charge to make withdrawals at Café ATMs. You can also use them to deposit cash or checks and pay your credit card bill. Not a Capital One customer? You’re welcome to use the ATMs, but there’s a small fee.

4. Bank Accounts

Other banks have tellers; Cafés have Ambassadors. They’re here to answer your questions about Capital One accounts, share updates on Café events or just have a friendly conversation. No appointment necessary. Ambassadors can show you how to open a no-fee checking or savings account in about five minutes.

5. Credit Cards

Bank accounts aren’t the only thing to explore. Cafés are great places to investigate Capital One credit card products—whether you're new to credit, building credit, or just looking for great rewards on travel or dining and entertainment.

6. Money Coaching

Anyone can make a free 1-on-1 coaching appointment, even if they aren’t a Capital One customer. Money Coaches are trained to help you connect your finances to your life goals and dreams—and then make a plan to reach them. You can schedule 3 sessions that last about an hour each. Coaching is confidential and judgment free. Just bring yourself—no personal records or bank statements necessary.

7. Workshops

Your local Café also regularly hosts free workshops on topics such as building savings, checking your credit report or making a budget. They’re a great way to improve your relationship with money, and you can bring along family members for productive group discussions. Keep an eye on your Café’s events page to plan your visit.

Connect With Your Community

8. Community Room

Each Capital One Café has a private community room dedicated to registered nonprofits, alumni groups and student clubs, which can book the room for free to use for meetings or events. You can sign up to reserve the room on your local Café page.

9. Community Events

Ambassadors live and work in the community, so it’s no surprise they’re passionate about it. That’s why they’re given time—and funding—to give back. Ambassadors invest in the community and create positive change in many ways, from hosting local organizations in the Café to volunteering outside of work. Stop in to ask how you can join upcoming events, or check out your Café’s events page for updates.

Of course, there are more than 9 ways to take advantage of your local Capital One Café. Stop in to experience it for yourself, and learn what it means to experience Banking Reimagined®. Friendly Ambassadors, free Wi-Fi access, charging outlets for your devices and fresh coffee smells are all waiting.

We hope you found this helpful. Our content is not intended to provide legal, investment or financial advice or to indicate the Capital One product or service is available or right for you. For specific advice about your unique circumstances, consider talking with a qualified professional.

Cafés do not provide the same services as bank branches, but have ATMs and associates who can help you. Visit a Café for details. Banking products and services offered by Capital One, N.A., Member FDIC. Food and beverages provided by a third party provider.

We Made This Space for You

Bring your values into focus, engage with your community and enjoy a Peet’s Coffee®.

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