Credit card rewards

Earn rewards on every purchase and put them toward what you love.

How rewards work

Choose rewards that work for you

Travel miles or cash back? Pick the type of rewards that work best for you.

Earn every time, everywhere

Earn rewards every time you use your card to make a purchase. 


Use rewards as you go or save up for something big. Rewards don't expire for the life of the account. 

woman looking at smartphone while holding airline ticket

Travel Rewards

Can't get enough travel?

You can earn miles on every purchase, everywhere and redeem unlimited rewards for all kinds of travel related purchases.

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Cash Back Rewards

Love the flexibility of cash back rewards?

Earn unlimited cash back on every purchase with Capital One cash back cards—then redeem it however you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are already a Capital One® rewards credit card customer, you can access your rewards information online anytime by signing in to your account. You can even set a specific threshold for redemption in which you would automatically receive your cash back.

As long as you pay the monthly minimum payment by the due date, you will accumulate rewards.

Yes, you can redeem any or all of your available rewards whenever you'd like, provided your account is open and in good standing.

Your account must be open and in good standing to be eligible to redeem for rewards.