The new era of patient-centered pharma services

Capital One and TripleTree are helping to usher in pharmaceutical solutions centered around patients.

Despite the gradual evolution of various subsectors within healthcare towards patient-centered care, the pharmaceutical sector has been slower to shift away from conventional paradigms, thereby compromising their ability to cultivate long-lasting patient relationships. 

As a result, industry leaders have led a push within pharma for greater patient-centered solutions, utilizing AI, automation and big data to overcome evergreen challenges within the pharmaceutical vertical. In this hour-long webinar, TripleTree director Colin Aldridge speaks with CEOs Jim Lang (Eversana) and William Grambley (AllazoHealth) about the strategic modifications and corresponding challenges available to Patient Support Programs, Advanced Clinical Pharmacists, specialty pharmacies and other healthcare providers to reorient their operational frameworks towards a more patient-centric focus.

These resources and insights are provided by TripleTree, the healthcare investment bank of Capital One. TripleTree is a trusted resource for mergers and acquisitions, recapitalizations, growth capital and strategic advisory services. Together, Capital One and TripleTree offer a full suite of banking capabilities and solutions to drive greater impact for a wide range of healthcare clients.

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