Each Trustee certifies that: (i) the Trust uses the Social Security number of the Grantor; (ii) the Grantor has the power to revoke or modify the Trust; (iii) the Trust is currently in existence and has not been revoked or modified in any way that would make the facts in this Certification of Trust be incorrect; and (iv) each Trustee has the power to open, transact on and close any type of bank account for the Trust;.

Each Trustee agrees that if an account is managed by two Trustees, either Trustee may: (i) withdraw or transfer the balance without the other Trustee's consent; (ii) make deposits, close or pledge the account to us as collateral for a debt owed to us; and (iii) endorse and deposit checks payable to either Trustee or the Trust. Each Trustee also agrees that (s)he, and not Capital One 360, owes a fiduciary responsibility to the Trust and shall manage the account in accordance with the terms of the account, the terms of the Trust and any applicable laws.