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Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Apply

After You Are Approved

Vehicle Type Restrictions
Capital One Auto Finance only finances new and used cars, light trucks, minivans and SUVs that will be used for personal use. Vehicles must be 7 years old or newer.

We do not finance Oldsmobile, Daewoo, Saab, Suzuki or Isuzu vehicles. We do not offer financing for commercial vehicles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles (RVs), ATVs, boats, camper vans, motor homes, lemon vehicles, branded title vehicles, or vehicles without a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or title issued. We may determine a vehicle to be commercial or otherwise ineligible based on the model and/or information provided to us.

Loan Amount Restrictions
Minimum loan amount is $7,500. You may apply for a loan amount of up to $40,000 for new and used vehicles and $40,000 for refinance loans. Your actual loan amount will be limited based on the value of the specific vehicle that you are purchasing or refinancing. For new vehicles, value is based on invoice price. For used vehicles, value is based on Kelley Blue Book wholesale value or NADA trade-in value (depending on your state of residence). The amount of this limitation may vary and will be specified in your loan package as the "LTV" (loan-to-value) limit. For example, if the value of the vehicle that you are buying is $20,000 and your LTV limit is 110%, then your loan amount will be limited to $20,000 x 110% = $22,000.

Refinancing Restrictions
Your current lender must be an FDIC or NCUA insured financial institution. Most banks, credit unions, and larger auto finance companies meet this requirement. Your current loan must not be serviced by Capital One Auto Finance.

You must refinance the full payoff amount of your existing auto loan subject to our minimum and maximum loan amounts. We do not offer cash-back refinancing or lease buyouts.

If you have a GAP policy on your current loan, your GAP agreement will have language confirming whether your GAP policy terminates upon refinancing or whether coverage continues. This information is usually found in the limitations and exclusion section of your agreement, or the part of your agreement that addresses expiration or early termination. Please also contact your GAP provider for any questions or concerns. Please be aware that Capital One Auto Finance will only payoff your existing auto loan and will not finance new GAP coverage if your current GAP provider cancels the coverage upon refinancing the original loan.

Refinance Documentation Requirements
After you apply and are approved to refinance an auto loan with us, we will need some or all of the following documentation:

Proof of Income
Based on your credit, you may need to provide Proof of Income documentation.

Vehicle Title
You will need to send us your vehicle title if you reside in one of the following states: KS, KY, MD, MI, MN, MO, NY, OK, SD, WI. In all other states we will obtain the title directly from the state agency which holds your vehicle title.

Limited Power of Attorney to Modify Vehicle Title
In order to modify your vehicle title to show Capital One Auto Finance as the new lienholder we will need you to sign a limited Power of Attorney document which authorizes us to make this change at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Military Lending Act (MLA)
Federal law provides important protections to members of the Armed Forces and their dependents relating to extensions of consumer credit. In general, the cost of consumer credit to a member of the Armed Forces and his or her dependent may not exceed an annual percentage rate of 36 percent. This rate must include, as applicable to the credit transaction or account: The costs associated with credit insurance premiums; fees for ancillary products sold in connection with the credit transaction; any application fee charged (other than certain application fees for specified credit transactions or accounts); and any participation fee charged (other than certain participation fees for a credit card account).


Yearly Savings
Yearly Payment reduction claim is based on average payment reduction our customers experience over a year with their new loan (same or a longer term) compared to their prior yearly loan payments. Yearly payment reduction may result from a lower interest rate, a longer term or both. Your actual savings may be different.


Customer reviews are submitted by validated Capital One customers who refinance using Capital One. Some product ratings and reviews may be obtained from customers with different versions of the product displayed above.


APR is the Annual Percentage Rate. Advertised rates are offered depending on the individual's excellent and substantial credit and key loan characteristics, including but not limited to amount, term, and vehicle characteristics. A representative example of payment terms are as follows: a loan amount of $20,000 with an APR of 7.50% and a term of 60 months would have a monthly payment of $400.76. Advertised rates are subject to change without notice.