Training Veterans as Filmmakers

Capital One teamed up with Dallas Film to bring new career opportunities to veterans

Recently, Capital One teamed up with Dallas Film to host the Veterans Institute for Film & Media (VIFM) to conduct fully sponsored innovative programs that prepare veterans for careers in film, TV and digital content production through education, mentorships and job placement. 

Training Veterans as Filmmakers 

The program begins with a 4-week “basic training” with Dallas Film, with curriculum developed and taught by internationally recognized scholars, media professionals who have backgrounds in film production, news, broadcasting, and social media, and award-winning documentary and narrative filmmakers.

“VIFM is uniquely positioned to train veterans in a creative industry where teamwork, mission, chain of command and work ethic are all necessary components of success,” said Johnathan Brownlee, CEO and President of Dallas Film. “Film, TV and digital content creation are all growing at an exponential rate, and our veterans are an untapped resource in this space. VIFM helps grow this workforce, while providing new skills and career opportunities to those who have sacrificed so much. We aim to help make their transition into the civilian world successful.”  

Following the “basic training,” Capital One provides career readiness, mentorships and an internship for one of the graduating members. 

Career readiness helps participants build the skills and confidence needed to succeed in today’s job market. Many participants have gone through unbelievably challenging circumstances, yet they actively engage and are eager to learn because they want to succeed. 

The program encourages participants to drive their own careers by offering resume building,  interview prep sessions, professional headshots and more. These are fundamental skills and resources that can help make that success a reality.

Once participants are through film training and career readiness, they move on to a mentorship, where they’re paired with a Capital One associate who previously served in the U.S. Armed Forces. military to civilian life. The purpose of the mentorship program is to help VIFM participants adjust to civilian life, develop new skills that transition to the corporate environment and broaden their networks. For Capital One mentors, it serves as a way to give back, and share their skillset and learning experience.

Why Capital One’s Role is Important

“VIFM provides amazing opportunities to local veterans, allowing artistic veterans (like me!) to develop and hone our craft,” said Chris Cooper, VIFM Alumni. “Without these programs and the built-in network, most of us would never successfully advance in these industries. Dallas Film provides a very tangible ‘thank you for your service’ program through the creation of VIFM.” 

The support from Capital One will provide Dallas Film with the capacity to more than double the number of veterans served each year, and help them expand into surrounding areas. 

“Capital One is proud to support innovation and technology, and in Dallas Fort-Worth, the arts are a huge component of that,” said Sanjiv Yajnik, President, Financial Services, Capital One. “Collaborating with organizations like Dallas Film is helping bring STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) to life and equipping veterans with the skills, tools and resources to help them succeed in an ever-changing, digitally driven economy.”

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