2022 Supplier Diversity Economic Impact Report

Learn more about Capital One’s commitment to diverse-owned businesses and its economic ripple effect on our communities

McLean, VA, September 13, 2023 – Capital One understands the richness that businesses owned by underrepresented groups can bring to our organization, and we are committed to creating mutually beneficial relationships with people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ individuals, veterans, women and individuals from historically underrepresented racial and ethnic identities. Today, Capital One has released the 2022 Supplier Diversity Economic Impact Report, highlighting the estimated economic ripple effect our diverse-owned vendor relations have on the supply chain. 

Diverse businesses are flexible, innovative and driven. By including these businesses in our supply chain, Capital One maximizes the power of different perspectives and innovation to deliver exceptional products and services to our customers. We seek to identify and encourage diverse businesses to compete for our commodities and services throughout the Capital One enterprise.

“We truly appreciate and respect our partnership with Capital One. With unwavering support from Capital One leaders and stakeholders, our partnership is strong today and continues to grow,” said Anjali Ramakumaran, CEO of Ampcus Inc. “By working together and collaborating together, we continue to solve and bridge gaps at a macro level and bring positive impact to the lives of the customers, employees, and communities we live in and serve.”

Capital One also understands the value of providing tools and resources to help diverse business owners grow their capabilities. Through its three programs (Catapult, SAGE Advice and Diverse Supplier Mentoring program) the company pairs diverse business owners with Capital One associates and provides program specific training. 

“Capital One's Supplier Diversity program is designed to expand our footprint with diverse suppliers. Our goal is to offer various programs intended to provide tangible skills training to diverse suppliers and grow their capabilities and help them be better prepared to compete for opportunities from Capital One and other suppliers,” said Clint Grimes, Chief Procurement Officer at Capital One. “From mentoring to technical education, our goal is to ensure that diverse suppliers can compete for our business as well as business from other Fortune 500 firms. By working together, we build stronger local businesses that in turn, build stronger communities.”

To learn more about Capital One’s Supplier Diversity program and to read the full 2022 Economic Impact Report, visit https://www.capitalone.com/about/corporate-information/information-about-our-supplier-diversity-program/

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