Creating an Inclusive Workplace for All

How one student turned his internship into an offer for full-time employment

For Capital One Associate Rob Maino, childhood was difficult because of his Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Early on, his social tendencies often invited bullying, though by high school his peers were more accepting. While at Christopher Newport University, Rob was offered an internship on the Capital One Card team through our Autism at Work Internship Program. He delivered impressive work on mobile automation coding and, as a result, Rob received an offer for full-time employment at Capital One.

To best support Rob, his manager, Amritpal Singh, took autism awareness training and independently researched key strengths common among those with ASD. He quickly identified Rob’s ability to focus intensively on his favorite projects, including the ability to quickly learn new skills and an affinity for building complex exchange interfaces.

Amritpal says that Rob’s abilities are both unique and empowering for the entire team. That feeling goes both ways: “I feel that having a team is essential for someone with my disability,” Rob shares. “What kills [me] is anxiety, and when [I] don’t know how to do something that raises anxiety. So, working on a team and having someone you can tap on the shoulder for help is a huge stress relief.”

In 2018, Rob, Amritpal, and the rest of their team became recipients of the Circle of Excellence Award, Capital One’s highest internal honor, designed to celebrate associates who not only embody our mission and values, but go above and beyond to drive innovation and help our customers succeed.