Cody Rigsby’s New Year Goals with the Venture X Card

Rigsby chats about his rise to Peloton fame, his passion for raising others up and how the Venture X card helps maximize travel

When it comes to appreciating life’s simple joys, Cody Rigsby knows that expanding your world leads to opening your heart. We recently sat down with the Peloton instructor, dance extraordinaire and “King of Quarantine” himself to chat about his rise to Peloton fame, his passion for travel and his perspective on New Year's resolutions.

The Creation of Cody Rigsby

On his journey to becoming one of the world's most inspiring Peloton instructors, Rigsby tells us that it’s been an interesting ride from growing up in the south as a closeted teen, to experiencing homelessness and starting his adult life in NYC.     

He says that being active has always been a core part of his identity. 

“I pursued professional dance here in New York City and I did some amazing things, but then I kind of got to a space where I was unhappy with working in the industry,” Rigsby said. “Becoming a Peloton instructor just landed in my lap. And I really took that opportunity that was originally about making money and finding financial stability, and in turn, really found my purpose.” 

Rigsby has been with Peloton for seven years now and through leading thousands of classes to Peloton’s global community of members and garnering millions of views on social media, he says that he has realized that his platform of sharing self-love and wellness is his higher purpose. 

“I think that working in fitness is about breaking down the barriers of fear and shame and guilt that come with working out that we've all been conditioned to believe,” Rigsby said. “By showing up authentically, making fun of myself, making fun of working out even—I can help people not feel so scared or not feel so threatened by creating a relationship with your body.” 

A Passion for the Unknown

 We also asked Rigsby about his hobbies outside of fitness:

“I truly do love to travel,” Rigsby said. “Travel for me isn't always about luxuriating or having fun, but it's also about learning about new cultures and new foods and seeing the world through a different lens.”

While not being able to travel seems like a minor problem in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s given us all a lingering sense of loss—of opportunities, of joys, of doing the things we love to do. 

Travel Goals in The New Year

 Rigsby is already planning his next trip, whenever that might be. He says that South Africa might be in the books, or perhaps the Dolomites in Italy. 

 Wherever he goes next, he’s taking his Venture X card with him. 

Besides the “very enticing sign-up bonus” he jokes, he’s grateful for the reward points and travel perks.  

“I really think it just depends on how you like to spend,” Rigsby said. "For me, hotels and cars can be a big chunk of your budget when you go to a new place, and getting 10X miles through Capital One Travel and maximizing on that is something that people can really take advantage of.” 

And maximizing on life is exactly what Rigsby plans to do. With big plans in the future and a new year for new beginnings, he’s optimistic about 2022. 

“When you play your cards right with the right credit card, you can get a lot of great things.” 

When asked about his New Year’s advice for others, Rigsby said that he encourages others to find joy in their passions and follow that light.

“Whatever your goals or ambitions are for the new year, make sure that they are either connected to purpose or some sort of joy for you,” Rigsby said. “Let there be something in there that really incentivizes you to stay on track.” 

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