Eno Proactively Highlights Your Charitable Donations

Capital One’s intelligent assistant Eno helped identify nearly $1.2B in charitable donations in 2020

Since inception, Capital One has sought to change banking for good, with priorities around racial equity, affordable housing, small business support, workforce development, financial well-being, and giving back to our communities. To follow through on our Mission, we know those commitments must be clearly linked to the products and services we create. 

Our suite of digital tools inspire confidence and peace of mind when it comes to customer finances. And, the cool thing is, our technology helps take some of the guesswork out of routine tasks so our customers can focus their time and energy on moments that matter.

Take tax season, for instance. Eno, the intelligent assistant from Capital One, proactively identified nearly $1.2B in charitable contributions made by customers in 2020, then sent personalized charitable giving summaries to customers so they had that information on-hand when it came time to prepare their taxes.

You’re probably thinking, how did Eno know all of that information?

Ahead of tax season, Eno proactively looks for your charitable donations that may be eligible for tax deductions and sends you a summary of those it finds, with additional information, in one succinct view. This information includes the name of the organization and the date you made your first donation, how many times you’ve donated to that organization, and the total amount you gave to that organization that year. 

Once you receive this accumulated list of potential donations from Eno, you can take time to review the items and evaluate which ones apply to your tax situation. The IRS has certain criteria for charitable donations, so you can use this helpful tool to see whether the gift you made is eligible for a tax deduction. You may also decide to discuss the donations with your tax adviser to determine which contributions might be considered tax deductible.

In January, Eno sent nearly 4.7M charitable giving summaries summarizing customers’ charitable donations that could be eligible for tax deductions. 

Eno works around the clock to provide you with other helpful insights about your money. Read more details about all the ways Eno can help, here.

Eno is learning all the time and may not catch everything. Eno may not catch all eligible charitable transactions and is not a tax advisor. Potential charitable donations identified by Eno may or may not qualify with the IRS. Eno service outages may occur. Capital One customers are responsible for regularly checking their account statements. Some or all Eno features may not be available to all Capital One customers.

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