About the Capital One Insights Center

The Center combines Capital One research and partnerships to produce insights that advance equity and inclusion.

About The Capital One Insights Center:

The Center combines Capital One research and partnerships to produce insights that advance equity and inclusion. A nascent platform for data and dialogue, the Center strives to help changemakers create an inclusive society,  build thriving communities, and develop financial tools that enrich lives. 

The Center draws on Capital One’s deep analytical expertise, and legacy of revolutionizing the credit system through the application of data, information and technology. 

“Capital One is a mission-led company that was founded on the belief that no one should be locked out of the financial system,” says Andy Navarrete, Executive Vice President, Head of External Affairs at Capital One. “The launch of the Capital One Insights Center builds on our Impact Initiative which launched in fall 2020 as an initial $200 million, five-year commitment to support growth in underserved communities. The Center draws on our deep analytical expertise to serve as a nascent platform for data and dialogue, convening thought leaders and changemakers to close gaps in equity and opportunity.”

Areas of Focus:
In our current economy, some people are thriving while others are being left behind. From housing to education and employment, many populations face systemic barriers to opportunity that threaten their financial health and well-being

The Center’s core research agenda will focus on better understanding the key drivers of these inequities. We hope to uncover insights to help advance the three dimensions of the Capital One Impact Initiative: advocating for an inclusive society, building thriving communities, and creating financial tools that enrich lives. 

Advocating for an Inclusive Society
Socioeconomic mobility is powered by inclusion and access to opportunity. Through our research, we explore education programs, workforce development, racial equity—and the intersection of these topics—to better understand and promote pathways for progress so that more people can thrive.

Building Thriving Communities 
Community is central to our well being. Safe, affordable housing is essential for equitable, healthy, and stable communities. But skyrocketing costs and limited supply have put housing out of reach for too many. And as more communities are threatened by climate change, low and moderate income people will face greater risks to their safety and well-being. 

Many small business owners, often the backbones of their communities, are struggling to recover as the pandemic's effects linger. We know that when small businesses thrive, they create jobs, strengthen the local economy and attract talent and investors. However the widespread closures of small businesses across the U.S., and the globe, have created a ripple effect not only in local and regional economies,, but in the communities that they support and serve. . 

Our research explores promising practices on topics related to affordable housing, housing stability, environmental sustainability, and supporting and expanding small business, particularly Black and Latinx-owned businesses. 

Creating Financial Tools the Enrich Lives
From understanding what motivates individual decision-making to unpacking macro-level economic trends, the Center studies how people are building their financial lives - and what stands in their way. Spanning topics from income stability, to access to credit, to better understanding savings behaviors, the Center seeks to inform the development of strategies, policies and financial tools to enrich lives. Leveraging our community partnerships and deep market expertise, we generate insights and promote action to support consumer financial health. 

Our Approach:
Insights. We equip changemakers with timely insights on financial health and consumer sentiment; we elevate examples of effective programs; and we advance innovative practices that promote equity and inclusion.

Partnerships. The Center collaborates with long-standing community partners and sophisticated research organizations to identify salient insight-generation opportunities, incorporate diverse perspectives, and advance shared knowledge—all for the purpose of driving impact through insights. 

Convenings. The Center convenes opinion leaders, decision-makers, and change agents to foster cross-sector relationships and catalyze action to advance socioeconomic mobility.

About Capital One:
Capital One Financial Corporation is headquartered in McLean, Virginia. Its subsidiaries, Capital One, N.A. and Capital One Bank (USA), N. A., offer a broad spectrum of financial products and services to consumers, small businesses and commercial clients. We apply the same principles of innovation, collaboration and empowerment in our commitment to our communities across the country that we do in our business. We recognize that helping to build strong and healthy communities – good places to work, good places to do business and good places to raise families – benefits us all and we are proud to support this and other community initiatives.

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