Uniting Behind “A Call for Kindness” this Holiday Season

Capital One is joining forces with Verizon to celebrate #ACallForKindness campaign

There are many words that describe this year, but challenging is the one that most comes to mind. Whether you’ve dealt with professional struggles, the stress of being a kitchen table teacher or the inability to see loved ones, the pandemic has inevitably impacted us all. 

It’s clear that the world needs a surge of goodness. That’s why Capital One is joining forces with Verizon and other retailers across the country as part of a new initiative: “A Call For Kindness.” The goal is to help shine a light on the dedicated frontline employees that continue to serve the needs of our communities. 

From the start of Capital One’s COVID-19 response, the safety of our associates, customers and communities has been our top priority. While the policies we’ve put in place have kept our team and our customers safe – from plastic partitions to face coverings – they have also removed a bit of the human element. Our associates are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, partners, grandparents, brothers, sisters and friends. It’s our hope that by focusing on something so simple – kindness – we can make our retail locations and the world a better place.

Let’s Be Kind to One Another

“Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give.”

We believe small gestures can make a big difference. To help show your commitment to spreading kindness this holiday season use the hashtag #ACallForKindness on social media. Here’s how:

Share who you are behind the mask.

Step 1) Take a selfie. 

Step 2) Share your selfie on social media and explain who you are behind the mask. For example: I’m Maria. Mother, daughter, avid skier, community volunteer, shoe lover. 

Step 3) Tag five friends to keep it going.

Step 4) Make sure to use the hashtag #ACallForKindness so we can celebrate who you are and what brings us together!

Send a “kind card” to someone to brighten their day.

Step 1) Download one of the kind cards below.

Step 2) Post the kind card on social media and tag someone to make them feel seen, heard and valued.

Step 3) Make sure to use the hashtag #ACallForKindness.

Click here to download.  

Click here to download.

Click here to download.

Click here to download.

The pandemic may have changed how we live, work and play, but kindness carries powerful meaning, and we could all use a bit more of it. You can learn more about this initiative and the partners involved by visiting verizon.com/kindness

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