Details for doing business with Capital One

Third Party Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Strong ethics are a cornerstone of Capital One’s values; we demand the highest ethical behavior from both our associates and the third parties with whom we do business. To ensure we hold everyone to our high standards, we have developed a Third Party Code of Business Conduct and Ethics which outlines our expectations.

Capital One’s Third Party Code of Business Conduct and Ethics provides clear expectations for any prospective, new or existing firms. It is intended to demonstrate the high priority we place on integrity in our operations and business relationships. The document also incorporates our high expectations of third party performers who interact directly with our customers on behalf of Capital One. Knowing what to do and what not to do is half the battle. 

New Supplier Setup

All new suppliers must be set up with Capital One before we can issue purchase orders and pay invoices. To initiate supplier setup, request the supplier onboarding package from your Capital One business contact. The packet will come to you via email.

Updating Your Existing Supplier Profile

If you need to make changes to your company’s profile, such as remit-to addresses, banking information, or any other supplier account information or profile updates, email our Supplier Enablement Team for assistance.

Submitting Invoices to Capital One

Invoice Standard

  • All invoices should contain the following information to ensure timely processing:
    • Your Capital One contact’s email address (the person who will be able to validate the invoice for accuracy)
    • Complete “Ship to” address where goods/services are delivered (street, city, state and zip code)
    • Either Capital One NA, or one of Capital One’s subsidiaries, in the “Bill To” field
    • Unique Invoice number
    • Invoice date
    • Freight and taxes where applicable
    • Capital One Purchase Order number, if applicable
    • Description of goods or services for which payment is requested
  • Capital One is unable to process payment on the following document types:
    • Statement of Account
    • Past Due Notice/Collection Letter
    • Billing Summary
    • Zip Files
    • Estimates

For Goods and Services

  • PO-backed invoices should be submitted via the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP).
  • If an invoice is not PO backed, it can be submitted to our manual invoice processing mailbox

It’s important to note, when submitting invoices to the mailbox please follow the below guidelines:

  • Suppliers are responsible for submitting their invoices to Capital One; Capital One associates are not permitted to submit on their behalf.
  • The mailbox is for invoices only, any typed text in the subject line or the body of the email can not be read.

For Consulting and Contracting 

Invoices should be submitted electronically in Beeline. If you need help submitting an invoice in Beeline, please reach out to the FlexForce mailbox or by calling 844-933-3260.