New Slingshot features empower data-driven decisions

As companies look to scale their data cloud, they need greater visibility into cost and performance, and ways to increase efficiency around managing their workloads. And, people responsible for data processes are looking for ways to be more proactive and serve as the bridge between the business and data. That’s why we’re excited to share new ways Capital One Slingshot can help you spend less time managing your data and more time managing your business. 

During Snowflake Summit 2023, we’re sharing new Slingshot features that will enable customers to maximize their Snowflake investment. Enabling data-driven business decisions through enhanced visibility and continuous optimization—helping empower your teams to spend wisely, forecast confidently and make smart decisions. 

Enhanced visibility for strategic decision making

While Snowflake provides access to key performance metrics, Slingshot helps users gain transparency, so you can spend less time diagnosing cost, performance and usage anomalies. Slingshot continuously monitors your workloads offering enhanced dashboards with actionable insights so you can evaluate your data at a granular level. With greater visibility into your cost, performance and usage, you can make stronger strategic business decisions.

With Slingshot’s new custom tagging feature, you can break down your data by categories that you define to view your Snowflake environment through the lens of your business. This allows you to drill down into your data to gain deeper insights, create reports, and identify opportunities for improved efficiencies across your workloads.

capital one slingshot dashboard

Optimizing warehouses with data-driven schedule recommendations

Ensuring your workloads are running efficiently is often a time consuming process that requires a lot of manual analysis. Slingshot’s recommendation engine provides proactive alerts and suggestions to help address over utilized warehouses. Slingshot actively analyzes your data and suggests when to right size your warehouses, so you only pay for the compute you need, when you need it. Slingshot’s data-driven recommendations also offer the opportunity to right size under-utilized warehouses so you can optimize for performance. 

With a better understanding of the overall health of your workloads, you can make the best decisions for your business. Save time figuring out the right size and cluster settings for Snowflake warehouses, and let Slingshot help optimize your workloads for cost and performance.

capital one slingshot warehouse recommendations

Improving performance with Query Advisor

Making sure your queries are running efficiently and optimized for performance is important for you and your team to evaluate. Slingshot’s new query advisor highlights inefficiencies and provides remediations to adjust query text for better performance. The result is potential savings on your compute costs, and improved query run time that gives you quicker access to your data. 

Slingshot helps save time and gives you the confidence that your new and existing queries are written to run efficiently. Looking ahead, it will help you and your team to stay well-managed and find opportunities to drive value for your business. 

capital one slingshot query advisor

Check out Slingshot

The flexibility of Snowflake helps companies unlock access to its data with performance that can enable near-infinite scalability. But all that data could present a challenge without the proper oversight into your Data Cloud—making it difficult to predict your spend and deploy resources effectively. Capital One Slingshot is a solution designed to optimize costs, reduce waste and inefficiencies and accelerate time-to-value of Snowflake, while adhering to governance requirements.

If you are looking to leverage data at scale, get in touch with one of our experts from the Capital One Software team for a personalized demo to learn how Slingshot can help you maximize your Snowflake investment and manage your data more efficiently. 

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