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Our Vision

Ravi Raghu

Head of Capital One Software
"Capital One Software is a natural evolution for Capital One, which has long been recognized as a leader in using data and technology to drive industry disruption."
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Our Journey

Rethinking how we produce, consume and govern data

Partners in our data journey

Learn how we leverage data to improve customer experiences.
Read how we’re building a cloud-first bank of the future.
Capital One + Snowflake

Partnering with Snowflake had a huge impact on our business

Snowflake's ability to instantly scale compute on demand is extremely powerful. Since moving to it, we've added hundreds of analytical use cases to drive further business insights. Snowflake has helped over 6,000 analysts run millions of queries with no degradation in performance.

Capital One Tech

Technology at Capital One

Building tools to advance our business—and yours

We're constantly innovating products to solve enterprise challenges—from APIs and open source solutions to AI and ML applications. Because really, we're the bank a technology company would build.

Always adapting

Transforming our enterprise data culture

New technologies and changing customer habits brought an influx of new data streams to Capital One. To stay competitive, and to scale and manage that data, we knew we had to adapt.

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Capital One Software is hiring

Come build with us

Our technologists are building tools that empower businesses to operate in the cloud in well-managed ways. 

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