Forrester Study

Discover data management trends

Learn how new data management models impact operating in the cloud. 

So, what’s the future of data management? 

Capital One commissioned Forrester to survey data management decision-makers to discover the challenges, needs and opportunities within their organizations in 2022. 

Let's take a look

data management challenges

Top data management challenges

Learn what decision-makers noted as the top challenges they face when striving for data management excellence.

Looking to the future

While some cloud data investment priorities will remain, decision-makers anticipate a shift in the coming years. 

Navigating the talent landscape

What challenges do migrating talent and skills present for the future of data management on the cloud?

cost management challenge statistic

The data on the data

Get the scoop on top data management challenges

Forrester found that, “82% of data management decision-makers polled find controlling and forecasting data costs challenging, making ecosystem management tools critical.”1

A deep dive

Let's talk data management strategy

Our very own Patrick Barch and Belinda McDowell caught up with Forrester analyst Michele Goetz to talk through decentralization and federation support of data estates as companies move to the cloud. 


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