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Hear from our customers

Date/Time: Wednesday, June 28, 12 PM

Session Details: What do a sportswear company and bank have in common? They both recognize that data is critical for continued business innovation. While their journeys may differ, Under Armour and Capital One have both pioneered the adoption of modern data capabilities in the cloud, enabling employees to create true business value from their data assets. During this fireside chat, Under Armour and Capital One will share more about their data journeys, how they approach being a data-driven organization, and how they have unlocked the power of Snowflake.


  • Salim Sayed, VP and Head of Slingshot Engineering 
  • Patrick Duroseau, VP Enterprise Data Management, Under Armour

Date/Time: Wednesday, June 28, 2:30 PM

Session Details: As a global shipping and mailing company supporting more than 90% of the Fortune 500, Pitney Bowes manages a huge amount of logistical and operational data. The flexibility of Snowflake gave Pitney Bowes improved data visibility and query performance and enabled them to implement a data mesh architecture. In this session, Vishal Shah, Data Architect Manager at Pitney Bowes will share how the company successfully implemented data mesh on Snowflake and how they are optimizing their data ecosystem. Vishal will also outline three ways they’ve optimized Snowflake, including dynamically sizing warehouses, optimizing query performance, and automating governance capabilities.

Speaker: Vishal Shah, Data Architect Manager, Pitney Bowes

Hear from our experts

Date/Time: Wednesday, June 28, 4 PM

Session Details: Gone are the days when your data costs were fixed. The wrong decision can cost you—big time. In many cases, these avoidable costs are generated by user decisions, limiting business value from your data platform. For example, you can write the same query two different ways and get the same results, but one could cost you 20 cents and another 20 dollars. You may also frequently load data when access is infrequent. In this session, we’ll identify five inefficiencies and share best practices for improvement.


  • Salim Syed, VP and Head of Slingshot Engineering 
  • Ganesh Bharathan, Director, Data Engineering

Date/Time: Wednesday, June 28, 4 PM

Session Details: It’s critical to build robust monitoring and alerting capabilities, otherwise known as observability, 
into applications. In this session, Capital One will discuss the architecture and design it leveraged to build observability into its applications on Snowflake. The session will also dig into two new Snowflake features 
that users can leverage to add observability into data applications: Event Tables and Alerts.


  • Lakshmi Phani Kommaraju, Sr. Lead Software Engineer 
  • Brad Culberson, Principal Architect, Field CTO Office, Snowflake

Date/Time: Tuesday, June 27, 3:30 PM

Session Details: To unleash the power of your data, you need to empower your team. Data analysts and scientists should be able to quickly find and use data, enabling them to create new analyses and insights that drive business value. But at the same time, how can you manage both data security risk and costs? In this session, we’ll share how a sloped governance approach can help build an experience that empowers teams to unleash your Snowflake data, while adhering to enterprise standards. Attendees will also learn how Capital One implemented a data sandbox environment using sloped governance.


  • Nagender Gurram, Sr. Director, Software Engineering 
  • Patrick Barch, Sr. Director, Product Management

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