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actionable insights with slingshot

Actionable insights

Monitor your spend at a granular level with greater predictability. Customize how you manage Snowflake data to meet your business needs.

continuous optimization with slingshot

Continuous optimization

Improve performance and reduce waste with query guidance and warehouse recommendations. Re-invest savings into new workloads.

confident control with slingshot

Confident control

With proactive alerts and streamlined workflows, you’ll spend less time managing your data and more time managing your business. 

A Closer Look

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Slingshot's user-friendly UI makes managing Snowflake a snap—with streamlined provisioning and detailed visibility into cost drivers.

Key features

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Data visibility

Closely monitor cost, performance and Snowflake usage with dashboards and insights.

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Custom tagging

Break down warehouse costs by custom categories you define for deeper insights.

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Proactive alerts

Stay up-to-date on credit usage or cost spike anomalies within your Snowflake data.

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Warehouse scheduling

Set dynamic schedules using templates to automatically provision warehouses.

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Right-size warehouses with recommendations to meet your cost and performance needs.

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Query advisor

Identify inefficiencies and apply suggestions to optimize query text.

actionable insights with capital one slingshot

Actionable insights

Monitor your data cloud with greater predictability

Detailed dashboards and insights enable more granular investigation into your cost, performance and Snowflake usage.

continuous optimization with capital one slingshot

Continuous optimization

Improve efficiency and scale faster

Query guidance and warehouse recommendations help you meet your cost and performance needs so you can re-invest savings into new workloads.

confident control with capital one slingshot

Confident control

Streamline and automate your data workflows

An intuitive UI and built-in auditability help you manage your workloads with just a few clicks—driving faster optimization cycles and automated governance.

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